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CATEGORY:  MISDEMEANOR COURTS   [ Total entries: 5 ]

2010.0304 | Book of Fines and Forfeiture

Description:  Books contain listings of fines and forfeitures received by the court regarding each particular offence

Retention:  10 Years or audit of Clerks last term which ever is longer

2010.0201 | Case Files

Description:  includes original papers which are culled or serve as: accusation, affidavit, appearance bond, arresting officers affidavit, bail bond, cash bond, conviction , disposition, fine, indictment, judgment, motion , notice of appeal, notice of arainment, etc.

Retention:  20 Years

2010.0205 | Certified misdemeanor Transcripts and Traffic Fines and Transcripts in Case File

Description:  Documents relating to certified verbatim records or narrative recollections of judicial proceedings

Retention:  20 Years

2010.0202 | Docket Books

Description:  Books generally contain essential information in summary form about each particular case adjudicated.

Retention:  20 Years

2010.0203 | Minute Books

Description:  Books contain photostatic copies of the accusation and disposition of each case.

Retention:  20 Years

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