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Preparing and Packing Records Center Boxes

Records center boxes come in bundles stored flat. The following steps provide instructions for preparing records center boxes and for packing records in them.

  1. Open the flattened box so that it forms a cube, flaps out.
  2. Place the box upside down (weight limit and size is stamped on bottom).
  3. Tuck short flaps in.
  4. Fold long flaps over, completely covering the short flaps. The surface of the box should be smooth.
  5. Hold flaps in place and tape or staple them.
  6. Run tape over the gap created by the two long flaps, extending the tape over each end, approximately 1 2 inches up the side of the box on each end.
  7. If staples are used, make sure (a) that the staples perforate both short and long flaps and (b) that the staples do not protrude from the surface of the box.
  8. Turn the box right side up to begin packing records.
  9. Pack records in the same order that they were filed in file drawers
  10. Pack letter-size files facing the short side of the box.
  11. Pack legal-size files facing the long end of the box.
  12. Pack the box reasonably full. You should be able to slide your hand easily in to the box to retrieve a record.
  13. Close the top flaps when box is full.
  14. Interlock the top flaps, if the boxes will be delivered by the agency.
  15. Tape the top flaps, lengthwise, if the boxes will be mailed or delivered by common carrier.
  16. Place transfer form inside front of first box, or give to carrier to deliver with shipment.