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What is an inventory?

The Georgia Archives produces a Descriptive Inventory (formerly known as “PDI” or “Preliminary Descriptive Inventory”) for each series in its holdings.  Each Descriptive Inventory includes information about which agency created the series, the date span of the records, what information is found in the records, a list of volume, box or folder titles in the series (in most cases), and related information.

Which inventories can be searched here?

In the past, the Descriptive Inventories were produced and used in hardcopy.  Currently, more than 1,700 inventories are available as text documents in HTML format.  Not all of the paper inventories have been converted to electronic form.  Additional searching in hardcopy inventories may be necessary to complete a comprehensive search.

Keyword Inventory Search

Search here for the contents of over 1700 electronic inventories. Example: Mitchell (will find surname Mitchell or Mitchell County)

State Agency List

Each state agency in Georgia has been assigned a “Record Group Number” by the Georgia Archives.  For example, the Governor’s Office is Record Group 001.  Knowing the Record Group Number may assist you in searching one particular agency’s records.

Keyword Database Search

This search will give you access to series whether or not they have electronic inventories.  Series which have an inventory will have a link to the html inventory. Example: education (will find Agency "Dept. of Education"; Series title: "Education Review Commission Files").

Agency Name

Enter the name, or part of the name, of an agency, department, or office. Example: Full Name: Secretary of State
Example: Part of Name: Natural (will find Dept. of Natural Resources).
Series Title

Enter any word that may be found in a title. Example: minutes (will find "Executive Dept. Minutes," "Minutes of Presidential Electors," etc.)

Enter the Record Group-Sub Group-Series number. Example: 050-02-033 (will find "Photograph and Negative Files of the State Geologist")
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