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List of rolls

Most of the muster rolls in the Georgia Archives’ holdings are from units formed by the State of Georgia before they were turned over to Confederate service.  Units not already in Confederate service by April 1862 were transferred by the first Confederate conscription act.  Some of these units were renamed upon entering Confederate service.  There are also rosters from the Georgia State Line, organized in February 1863, and other local defense troops whose service was confined to the State of Georgia .

Confederate officers and clerks were inconsistent in their use of names for units on official documents.  Georgia troops were mustered under several different state and Confederate laws for different lengths of time and for different purposes.

The main page lists units for which muster rolls are available online. The hyperlink for the unit leads to another list of muster rolls for that unit, in chronological order.  This list includes the name of the unit commander, the inclusive dates of the muster roll, a hyperlink to the image, and the image’s file size.  Both sides of the documents are online unless the reverse is a blank page.  Additions will continue to be made to this digital collection.  Please watch for them.

A note about viewing the Muster Rolls  

On some muster rolls, the ink initially used to compile the names in the left-hand column has faded completely.  The writing on these documents is illegible on the originals.  Fortunately, enlisted men had to sign the muster roll for their pay.  These signatures were usually written with different ink and are much more legible.  

If the names in the left-hand column of a muster roll are illegible, scroll to the far right side of the document to the column in which the men signed for their pay.  

In other cases, the ink used was so corrosive it bled through the paper and is visible on the other side.  The quality of the paper also may have contributed to bleed-through.  This is unfortunate but normal and also appears on the original documents.

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These records are from Record Group 022-01-063, Defense Dept., Adjutant General's Office, Confederate Muster Rolls.


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