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ca. 18,000 images
ca. 1890-1996

The Vanishing Georgia Photographic Collection of almost 18,000 images is the result of a Georgia Archives project begun in the mid-1970s to locate and copy historically significant photographs held by individuals throughout Georgia. A National Endowment for the Humanities grant supported an expansion of the project from 1977-1979, and images continued to be added to the collection until 1996.

Vanishing Georgia's historical photographs document the economic, social, cultural, and political history of the state. The project visited 66 counties and includes images from almost all of Georgia's counties. The photographs include street scenes, interiors and exteriors of homes, businesses, and public buildings, architectural styles, types of transportation, agricultural and industrial activities, disasters, people engaged in special events or pastime activities, and so on. Posed family and studio portraits were not sought for the project. Everyday life in Georgia for over 100 years is captured in these photographs although the majority of the images date from 1890 through 1930.

The Vanishing Georgia collection is housed on the servers of the Digital Library of Georgia at the University of Georgia. The link below will take you to the UGA site.

Caution: This site includes historical images and accompanying materials that may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes reflecting the culture or language of a particular period or place. These items are presented as part of the historical record. Please be aware before entering the site that some of the images may be disturbing.

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