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Caring for Records

Care for your family records

Guidelines for the Careful Handling of Photographic Images

Guidelines for the Careful Handling of Documents

Guidelines for the Careful Handling of Books

Guidelines for Selecting Storage Supplies

Vendors - List of commercial vendors of archival supplies.

Disaster Preparedness

Essential Records for Families - Safeguarding the records that protect your family’s health, identity, and financial resources

Pocket Response Plan (PReP) - The Council of State Archivists (CoSA) developed this template as part of its Emergency Preparedness Initiative. Side A is an Emergency Communications Plan and Side B provides an Emergency Response Checklist. It can be downloaded in Microsoft Word or as a fillable PDF and customized for any organization, then printed double‐sided on a sheet of legal‐size paper, trimmed and folded to fit into a Tyvek envelope that will fit in a wallet.

Emergency Response

Disaster Resources for the Public, part of Heritage Emergency National Task Force A website with disaster resources for the public in case of hurricane

Mitigating Potential Hazards to Materials and Individuals Following a Disaster - Includes links to health assistance and information and disaster preparedness and prevention.

Salvaging Water Damaged Family Photographs - Tips for handling, cleaning, and drying damaged family and historic photographs.

Flood Recovery Booklet - from the Northeast Iowa Library Service Area Comprehensive information for the public from evacuation through recovery.

Selected Sources for Recovery - List of disaster recovery services and commercial vendors.

IPER Records Emergency Planning and Response Course Materials

REPR Participant Guide Session 1

REPR Participant Guide Session 2

REPR Participant Guide Session 3

REPR Participant Guide Session 4

REPR Handout 1-1 - Develop Your REAP - First Steps Activity

REPR Handout 2-1 - Emergency Contact Directory Template

REPR Handout 2-2 - Essential Records

REPR Handout 2-3 - Sample Records Priorities List

REPR Handout 2-4 - Supplies and Equipment List

REPR Handout 2-5 - Initial Damage Assessment and Response Checklist

REPR Handout 2-6 - Components of a REAP

REPR Handout 2-7 - Pocket Response Plan (PreP) Template

REPR Handout 2-8 - Test a REAP and Develop Your REAP’s Table of Contents Activity

REPR Handout 3-1 - Sample Pack-Out Tracking Log

REPR Handout 3-2 - Response Plan Template

REPR Handout 3-3 - Personal Health and Safety During Response

REPR Handout 3-4 - Emergency Response Checklist: First 48 Hours

REPR Handout 3-5 - Develop Your REAP - Decision Maker, Site Assessment, Goals and Timetables, or Action Team Actvity

REPR Handout 4-1 - Response and Recovery Procedures

REPR Handout 4-2 - Sample Records Emergency After-Action Report

REPR Handout 4-3 - Sample Post-Event Report

REPR Handout 4-4 - Common Drying Methods

REPR Reference 1 - Resources

REPR Reference 2 - Key Terms

IPER Essential Records Course Participant Guide Handout 1-2 - NIMS Resource Management Concepts and Principles