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Professional Development and Workshops

The Georgia Archives hosts and holds professional development workshops throughout the year.

Upcoming Workshops

2021 Paper and Painting Conservation/Preservation Workshop Series

The Georgia Archives Conservation Department together with Paintings Conservator Jennifer Bullock are excited to present four 3-day workshops in 2021 on the conservation and preservation of paintings and paper artifacts:

• Preventive Conservation: Care of Archives, Art and Artifacts: 19-21 March - $150
• Paper Conservation: Infilling Losses and lnpainting of Paper Objects: 21-23 May - $300
• Introduction to the Care and Preventive Conservation of Paintings: 10-12 September - $300
• Archival Mounting for Flat Paper Objects and Photographs: 5-7 November - $300

These workshops are for anyone who works in cultural heritage institutions, libraries, museums, galleries, or just has an interest in learning how to best look after their own items. The workshops range from beginner to intermediate; however, prior conservation experience is not required. Join us for as few as one or as many as all four workshops to gain a greater understanding of paper and paintings conservation/preservation and how to best look after your treasures!

Registration fees include all materials, and snacks will be provided. A discounted price is available for registering for all four workshops. Additional COVID-19 health and safety precautions have been put in place. The workshops are generously sponsored by the NHPRC and FOGAH .

Register at:

Past Workshops

  • Paper Conservation Workshop

    The Georgia Archives Conservator, Sigourney Smuts, taught the previously postponed Introduction to Paper Conservation Workshop component of the Spring Book and Paper Preservation/Conservation Workshop Series at the start of August. The workshop included tape removal, dry surface cleaning, tear repairs, humidification and flattening, and creating an original pencil drawing to work on besides the samples. The group was a wonderful mix of professional conservators, pre-program conservation students, and those who are interested in the field and caring for their own items.

    • Conservator Sigourney Smuts describes the various materials that are used during the workshop. Each attendee was given their own set of samples to refer back to.
    • Conservator Sigourney Smuts demonstrates, with the assistance of a large screen live stream, the process of pressure sensitive tape removal.
    • Georgia Archives Pre-Program Summer Intern Jenni Krchak removes various types of tape from aged and unaged samples using a heated spatula. Hint: the aged tape is a bit more difficult to remove.
    • Workshop attendee Laura removes various type of tape using a heated platen.
    • Workshop attendee Bonnie compares various methods of removing (fake) surface dirt from different types of paper.
    • Workshop attendee Olivia places her cockled paper sample into a bath with water beneath the plastic grid. By covering the bath with Plexiglas to trap the moisture, a humidity chamber is created to relax the paper and allow it to be flattened.
    • Workshop attendee Laura pastes up a sheet of polyester film to create remoistenable tissue for quick tear repairs with minimal moisture.
    • Workshop attendees hard at work conserving their paper documents. So focused!
    • Thank you to the Introduction to Paper Conservation class of 2020!