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Subsequent Injury Trust Fund

Total entries: 4   (Listed alphabetically by title)

1984-0016 | Fatal No-Dependency Foldered Case Files

Description:  Includes Form S.I. (F) 5/78 and related correspondence.

Retention:  9.5 years

1984-0017 | Fatal Suspense Case Files


Retention:  4 years

1991-0010 | Individual Insurers and Self-Insurers Annual Assessment Files

Description:  Assessments levied on all insurance companies writing workers' compensation insurance and all self-insurers in Georgia

Retention:  5 years

1984-0018-02 | Reimbursement Claimant Files

Description:  Possible claims and claims made against the Georgia Subsequent Injury Trust Fund.

Retention:  9.5 years after claim is closed.

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