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State Personnel Administration

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0000-0143 | Appointment Certification Files

Description:  Pending and completed Requests for Certification.

Retention:  5 years

0460-0002 | Cafeteria Plan (Flexible Benefits)Records

Description:  Records documenting salary reduction type plans authorized by the Internal Revenue Service.

Retention:  Retain 8 years after termination of plan.

1973-0042A | Employee Personnel Files

Description:  Maintaining individual employee records.

Retention:  Security Microfilm Copy: Permanent. Reference Microfilm Copy: 50 years. Index: Permanent. See original documentation for further instructions.

1979-0102A | Employment Examination Performance Test Papers Files (Typing and Rate of Work)

Description:  Administering written and performance examinations for Merit System job classification for State of Georgia employment purposes.

Retention:  2 years

1982-0060A | Employment Examination Scanner Graded Test Answer Sheet File

Description:  Administering written examinations for Merit System Job Classes & entering the results into the computer system.

Retention:  2 years

1979-0103 | Employment Examination Scanner Graded Test Answer Sheets File

Description:  Administering written examinations for Merit System Job Classes & entering the results into the computer system.

Retention:  2 years

0000-0378 | Examination Application File

Description:  Material accumulated as a result of applying for admission to, and actually taking an examination for a Merit System position.

Retention:  2 years.

0000-0384 | Examination Construction Reference File

Description:  Material used in construction of individual examination questions.

Retention:  Retain for useful life

1973-0041 | Health Insurance Monthly Report File

Description:  Statement of contributions to State Employees Health Insurance Fund, including matching contributions by State.

Retention:  5 years, or after state audit, or after all claim/expenditure questions have been settled, whichever is longest.

1989-0054 | High Dollar Hospital Audit Files

Description:  Investigation of high dollar hospital claim payments.

Retention:  3 years after audit closed

1973-0358A | I.P.A. Grant Project Files


Retention:  3 years or until audit findings have been resolved, whichever is longer.

0000-0431 | Merit System Classification Specification Files

Description:  Establishment of a class specificatin for each class.

Retention:  Permanent

0000-0144 | Merit System Official Register Files

Description:  Applications for an examination and the final results.

Retention:  6 years

1975-0184 | Obsolete Written Examinations File

Description:  Examining applicants for employment.

Retention:  Record Copy: Permanent. Examination Copy: Retain one quarter.

1990-0122 | Social Security Number Verification

Description:  Verification of social security numbers.

Retention:  1 year

0000-0383 | Test Question IBM Card File

Description:  Individual examination questions which are used to make up an examination.

Retention:  Retain for useful life

0000-0380 | Veterans’ Preference Card File

Description:  The establishment of entitlement to additional points on examination and retention points on reduction in force.

Retention:  Retain until computer file established.

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