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Secretary of State, Professional Licensing Boards

Total entries: 22   (Listed alphabetically by title)

0478-04-001 | Applications: Withdrawn, Declined, Failed, and Pending

Description:  This series consists of individual applications for licensure which are pending (awaiting submission of additional materials) or which have been withdrawn or declined.

Retention:  13 months

0478-04-023 | Approved Applications for Facility Licensing Registration

Description:  Documents relating to applying for a license for a facility.

Retention:  5 years

0478-04-002 | Approved Applications for Individual Licensing Registration

Description:  Documents relating to applying for a professional or trade license or registration

Retention:  Healthcare licenses: 20 years; other trade licenses 10 years

0478-04-026 | Cemetery and Funeral Services Registration Files

Description:  Documents relating to registering of perpetual care cemeteries, preneed dealers, merchandise dealers, and preneed sales agents.

Retention:  Original applications and amendments for cemetery registration; original application and amendments for preneed dealer; change of cemetery ownership, change of preneed dealer ownership, original application for registration as burial or merchandise dealer, renewal notices, letters of withdrawal, trust and escrow agreements, plats of cemetery property, rules and regulations of the cemetery, price lists of the cemetery spaces, merchandise and services, and sample contracts between the registrant and the consumer: Retain in house. All other records: Retain 10 years.

0478-04-011 | Closed Schools of Nursing Records Files

Description:  Documents relating to student records forwarded to the Board of Examiners of Nurses of Georgia by a nursing school when it closes its doors and ceases to function

Retention:  50 years

0478-04-024 | Cosmetology and Barber School Records and Examination Records

Description:  School records contain transcripts and monthly enrollment records for cosmetology and barber schools.

Retention:  5 years

0478-04-003 | Criminal Records of Private Detective Report Files

Description:  Documents relating to background checks made on private detective's or security guard's license applications

Retention:  6 months

0478-04-004 | Examination Grade Sheets

Description:  Documents relating to test scores in conjunction with application for licensure of individuals in the state-regulated trades and professions

Retention:  2 years

0478-04-005 | Examination Paper Files

Description:  Documents relating to exams given by various professional licensing boards.

Retention:  2 years

0478-04-012 | Examining Boards Business Inspection Report Files

Description:  Documents relating to routine inspections performed by inspectors

Retention:  2 years

0478-04-013 | Fingerprint Cards (Private Detective and Security Guards)

Description:  Documents relating to recording the fingerprints of applicants for license as Private Detectives and Security Guards for GBI & FBI clearance

Retention:  6 months

0478-04-014 | Inactive Cosmetology Apprentice Records

Description:  Inactive trainee's folders

Retention:  10 years

0478-04-015 | Investigation and Hearings Files

Description:  Documents relating to investigations or hearings in connection with individuals or firms licensed by the various boards

Retention:  10 years

0478-04-009 | Legal Orders

Description:  Records which document legal orders issued by a state board.

Retention:  30 years

0478-04-016 | Licensee’s Correspondence to Board Files

Description:  Correspondence between licensees, prospective licensees, and citizens and the various Boards

Retention:  18 months

0478-04-017 | Notification of Continued Education Forms

Description:  Documents relating to reviewing licensees to determine if they have met educational requirements

Retention:  4 years

0478-04-020 | Receipt Book Files

Description:  Documents the receipt of payment for licensure fees.

Retention:  5 years

0478-04-022 | Schools of nursing annual report documentation

Description:  Supporting documents to the annual report

Retention:  20 years

0478-04-021 | Schools of nursing annual reports and catalogs

Description:  School of nursing annual reports and catalogs

Retention:  Permanent

0478-04-008 | Trade/Professional Licensee’s Renewal Files

Description:  Documents relating to notification of individuals requirement to renew a professional or trade license

Retention:  2 years

0478-04-006 | Veterans Preference Form Files

Description:  This series contains records documenting an individual military service for veterans'' preference purposes.

Retention:  20 years for healthcare professions and 10 years for trades professions.

0478-04-025 | Webcasts (Video Recordings) of Video-Conferenced Board Meetings

Description:  Webcasts or video recordings of meetings that are then recorded in official minutes.

Retention:  2 years or until official minutes are approved, whichever is longer.

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