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Defense, Department of

Total entries: 16   (Listed alphabetically by title)

1976-0329 | Adjutant General’s Correspondence Files

Description:  Routine correspondence only, including invitations, letters of recommendation, condolences, congratulations, and similar items.

Retention:  1 year

1976-0338 | Air National Guard Special Orders Files

Description:  Issuing orders to members of the Air National Guard.

Retention:  Permanent

1977-0052 | Chief of Staff’s Policy and Precedent Letters File

Description:  Establishing policy and precedent for future and continuing action.

Retention:  Permanent

1981-0230 | Civil Defense City/County Organizational Correspondence Files

Description:  City/County Organization Operations.

Retention:  3 years

1981-0209 | Civil Defense City/County Organizational Legal File

Description:  Qualification of local organization.

Retention:  3 years after file becomes inactive.

0000-0067 | Civil Defense Training Files

Description:  Civil Defense training from the University Extension Program, Civil Defense Education from the State Department of Education and Medical Self-Help training from the State Health Department.

Retention:  1 year

0000-0066 | Federal Surplus Property Files

Description:  The donation and disposal of Federal Surplus Defense property.

Retention:  Transactions less than $2,500: 2 years. Transaction greater than $2,500: 4 years. See original documentation for detailed instructions, including for vehicles and aircraft.

1981-0210 | Field Coordinator’s Files

Description:  Operations of six Civil Defense field coordinators.

Retention:  2 years

0000-0165A | Morning Reports

Description:  Accounting for all military personnel of each organization of the Army National Guard, in order to provide a continuous certified strength status and historical record of the organization. These documents also provide the necessary information for reconstruction of a lost or destroyed personnel record.

Retention:  Permanent

0000-0064 | National Guard Enlisted Men’s 201 File 〈Personnel Files〉

Description:  This series contains the 201 files or Personnel Files for Enlisted Men serving in the Georgia National Guard beginning in 1930.

Retention:  75 years

1973-0149 | State Active Duty Documentation File

Description:  Directives requiring the Adjutant General, at the discretion of the Governor or the Federal Government to call out National Guard troops.

Retention:  Permanent

0000-0090A | State and Local Government Civil Defense Emergency Plans

Description:  The operation of state government, government agencies and local governments at times of disaster; includes threatened or actual war emergency.

Retention:  Permanent

0000-0477 | State and Local Government Radiological Defense Files

Description:  Radiological Defense operations in county and local organizations.

Retention:  5 years

1982-0362 | State of Georgia Military Department Permanent Orders Files

Description:  Previously: General Orders.

Retention:  Permanent

1982-0363 | State of Georgia Military Department Special Orders Files

Description:  Maintaining reference copied of Special Orders as issued by the Governor and State Adjutant General to all units of the Georgia National Guard.

Retention:  Permanent

1977-0053 | Unit Inspection Report File

Description:  Reporting the results of inspections of each Army National Guard unit in the State.

Retention:  Permanent

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