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Soil and Water Conservation Commission

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0480-0002A and 0480-0002B | Education Certification

Description:  This series documents certification for individuals working in land disturbance actives such as engineers, contractors design professionals, etc. Record types include copy of test results, recertification, lawful presence documentation, expiration reports, contact information, notarized affidavits, etc.

Retention:  (0480-0002A) Test Scores and Lawful Presence: 50 years; (0480-0002B) All other records: 3 years after expiration of certificate

Updated:  April 25, 2018

0480-0003 | Equivalent Best Management Practice (BMP) Application

Description:  This records series documents applications for approval of soil erosion and sediment control products, per appendix A-2 of the manual for erosion control. Record types include construction plans, photographs, product samples, notice of intents, notice of termination, alternate BMP, certificates, testing info, etc.

Retention:  6 years after business ceases operation

Updated:  April 25, 2018

0480-0004 | Local Issuing Authorities (LIA) Overview audits Reports

Description:  This records series documents LIA compliance with Federal and State laws relating to land disturbing activities, certifying their authority to review their own erosion control plans. Record types include periodic reports compiled and submitted by LIA and same completed by GASWCC for city or county governments in the state.

Retention:  Two audit cycles or until superseded

Updated:  April 25, 2018

0480-0001A and 0480-0001B | Tplan Review Ratification

Description:  This records series documents the review for approval of plans for land disturbance (development) projects across the State of Georgia, including disturbed acreage, Local Issuing Authority, type of project, Memoranda of Agreement, copy of certified model ordinance, etc.

Retention:  (0480-0001A) Model Ordinance and Memoranda of Agreement: Until superseded; (0480-0001B) All other documents: 7 years after contract expiration

Updated:  April 25, 2018

0480-0005A and 0480-0005B | Watershed Dams

Description:  This records series documents all Designs, and development of Dams in the State of Georgia. Record types include Dam Assessments, Easements, Operation and Maintenance Agreements, plans, drawings, contracts, deeds, photographs, Supplemental Watershed Plans, etc.

Retention:  (0480-0005A) Plans and drawings: Permanent; (0480-0005B) All other documents: life of structure or until superseded

Updated:  April 25, 2018

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