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State Road and Tollway Authority

Total entries: 4   (Listed alphabetically by title)

0270-0002 | Roadside Data

Description:  Records reflecting the continuous traffic data collected from the roadside which allows SRTA to monitor, calculate, and price the toll, perform maintenance and inventory data analysis.

Retention:  13 months

Updated:  November 14, 2018

0270-0001 | Summarized Traffic Data and Reports

Description:  Records and reports reflecting the summarized traffic data, volume, speed, and associated pricing.

Retention:  2 years

Updated:  November 14, 2018

0270-0004A and 0270-0004B | Surveillance Video Footage

Description:  Images and video footage recorded to monitor toll equipment on the roadside and video recordings and/or surveillance images taken in and around the coaches and on SRTA park and ride properties.

Retention:  (0270-0004A) Known incident or claim: Retain until settlement; (0270-0004B) No known incident or claim: 30 days

Updated:  November 14, 2018

0270-0003A and 0270-0003B | Toll Images

Description:  Images captured as vehicles pass through the toll lanes.

Retention:  (0270-0003A) Final images: 180 days; (0270-0003B) Other images: retain for useful life

Updated:  November 14, 2018

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