Georgia Archives

University System of Georgia

How to Complete the Media Transfer Form

Before Media is Transferred

Agencies that transfer media should verify that the Georgia Archives has the name of an official liaison on record at the Archives. You may appoint or change your liaison contacting the Georgia Archives, Records and Information Management Services program at 678-364-3790 or 3795.

When Media is Transferred

Complete a Media Transfer Form for each shipment sent to the Georgia Archives.

Agency Code
Enter the code of the transferring agency as found in the Uniform State Code List, revised 08-15-2013, published by the State of Georgia, Department of Audits and Accounts.

Name and Address of Transmitting Agency
Enter the name and address of the agency. Please include the name of the individual transferring the records, a phone number, address and e-mail address.

Item Information
For each reel of microfilm, enter the following information (one reel per line):

State Reel Number
Each unit (CD, tape or film) transferred must be assigned a unique State Reel Number. The number is simple to create using the three columns shown on the form:

Agency Code – the code of the transferring local government or state agency as found in the Uniform State Code Identifying Governmental Entities (rev. 07/01/2001) published by the State of Georgia, Department of Audits and Accounts (same Agency Code entered in the first box of the form.)

Date – The date of the transfer or the date the media was created in MMDDYYYY format. For example, enter November 30, 2001 as 11302001.

Sequential Number – Number each unit in the transfer in sequential order (1, 2, 3…). If a transfer includes more than 25 units, the second sheet should begin with “26”. A third sheet in the same transfer would begin with “50” and so on.


7521 – 11312001 – 1

7521 = County/Agency Code (in this case, Webster County Schools)
11312011 = Date (MMDDYYYY)
1 = Sequential Number

Retention Schedule Number
From the official State Retention Schedule for Local Governments or State Agencies.

If the records on the unit have a permanent retention: Place a check mark in the column under Permanent.

If the records on the reel do not have a permanent retention: Enter a month and year (e.g., 05/2010) when the Georgia Archives should notify you that these records have reached the end of their retention period and are eligible for destruction. No records are destroyed without authorization from the creating agency.

Remember, CDs and other electronic media may only be stored for a maximum of 5 years prior to being removed from the vault.

Local Reel Number (optional) – Use this column to record your local number for this unit, if desired. The Georgia Archives does not keep a record of this number.

What Happens to the Media at the Georgia Archives

When the media arrives at the Georgia Archives, staff will record the State Reel Number and the unit’s location in storage. All media must be requested by State Reel Number. The originating agency should maintain any information required to identify the contents of the units transferred.

The Georgia Archives will mail the originating government officer, or designee, a copy of the Media Transfer Form to verify receipt of the shipment.

To Request Media from the Georgia Archives

Please send your request on agency letterhead and include the following information:

  • Accession numbers or State Reel Numbers for the film
  • Where to ship the film (include a name, address, and phone number)

The name and signature of the records custodian (the Probate Judge, Superior Court Judge, Court Clerk, office manager, etc.) should appear at the bottom of the request. This information is required for us to answer your requests.

Once the media is pulled and packed, archives staff will call and notify the agency of the poundage and charges for shipping the film. The local agency must specify to us what type of shipping will be used (overnight, two-day, etc.) and the level of insurance desired. The agency is responsible for contacting the shipping vendor (UPS, Federal Express, etc.) regarding shipping arrangements.

If you need further assistance, please contact: