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CATEGORY:  MAGISTRATE COURTS   [ Total entries: 10 ]

2010.1301 | Arrest and Search Warrants Files


Retention:  10 Years

2010.0304 | Book of Fines and Forfeiture

Description:  Books contain listings of fines and forfeitures received by the court regarding each particular offence

Retention:  10 Years or audit of Clerks last term which ever is longer

2010.1303 | Civil Case Files

Description:  Documents relating to trying of civil cases in Magistrate Courts. Included are all pleadings, exhibits, transcripts, judgements, and related papers appropriate for inclusion in case files as required by statute or by the Uniform Rules for the Magistrate Courts. (Some courts maintain indexes to their case files and dockets. The retention of these indexes is covered in the schedule Magistrate Court Civil Dockets.) Includes affidavits for summons of dispossessory, applications for summons of foreclosure of personal property, and abandonment of automobiles or vessels.

Retention:  10 Years

2010.0302 | Docket Books

Description:  Books generally contain essential information in summary form about each particular case adjudicated.

Retention:  10 Years or if serious Traffic 20 years

2010.1302 | Good Behavior Bonds

Description:  Applications for and issuance of Good Behavior Bonds

Retention:  10 Years

2010.0303 | Minute Books

Description:  Books contain photostatic copies of the accusation and disposition of each case.

Retention:  10 Years. DUI or Serious Traffic 20 Years

2010.0306 | Ordinance Violation

Description:  Records Concerning ordinance violations

Retention:  2 Years

2010.0305 | Records Concerning Traffic Violations which result in a Felony Charge


Retention:  Permanent

2010.0301 | Traffic Case Files

Description:  includes original papers which are culled or serve as: accession, affidavit, appearance bond, arresting officers affidavit, bail bond, cash bond, conviction , disposition, fine, indictment, judgment, motion , notice of appeal, notice of arainment, etc.

Retention:  6 Years or is serious traffic 20 Years

2010.1304 | Transcripts, Recordings or Notes of Proceedings as Court Inquiry


Retention:  Duration of Sentence if 5 years or more

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