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2010.0414 | Appeals - Magistrate Court

Description:  Documents relating to cases appealed to the superior or State Court based on a judicial decision on the magistrate Court.

Retention:  10 Years

2010.0406 | Civil Calendars

Description:  Documents relating to the listing civil matters to be heard, dates for the hearings, and styles of each case.

Retention:  1 Year

2010.0402 | Civil Case Files

Description:  Documents relating to trying civil cases in superior courts and documenting the proceedings in those cases. Included are pleadings and judgements in civil cases, including divorce and domestic relations, complaints, summons, defensive pleadings, court orders, notices of appeal, appellate pleadings, and determinations of appellate courts.

Retention:  Permanent

2010.0401 | Civil Cases not Proceeding to Final Judgment

Description:  Civil case files in which case the plaintiff never carried through to justice. Cases dismissed without prejudice are included.

Retention:  2 Years

2010.0403 | Civil Dockets a.k.a. Issue, motion, Bench, or Bar Dockets

Description:  Documents relating to the indexing of all pleadings filed in the course of Civil actions.

Retention:  Permanent

2010.0413 | Collection Cases

Description:  An Action containing pleadings on debt concerning specific contract or account.

Retention:  5 Years

2010.0408 | Domestic Relations

Description:  All Documents relating to those cases resulting in the dissolution of a marriage, child custody, or award of alimony

Retention:  Permanent

2010.0409 | Domestic Relations - Contempt Actions

Description:  All documents related to contempt actions arising out of Domestic relations cases.

Retention:  Permanent

2010-0412 | Malpractice

Description:  Documents relating to cases alleging mal practice

Retention:  20 Years

2010.0404 | Minute Books

Description:  Books contain photostatic copies of the accusation and disposition of each case.

Retention:  Permanent

2010.0410 | Name Changes

Description:  Case files relating to a Name Change

Retention:  Permanent

2010-0411 | Personal Injury

Description:  Civil Cases related to Personal Injury

Retention:  20 Years

2010.0405 | Record of Writs

Description:  Documents recording the text of each case heard by the courts, especially recording writs issued.

Retention:  Permanent

2010.0407 | Sealed Civil Depositions

Description:  If deposition is used in a court proceeding then the deposition is placed in the case file and appropriate retention will apply

Retention:  1 Year

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