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CATEGORY:  LIBRARY (12)   [ Total entries: 4 ]

LG-12-001 | Accession Records

Description:  Master record of all acquisitions

Retention:  Permanent

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-12-002 | Circulation and Retrieval Records

Description:  Records documenting daily, monthly, and annual reference activity.

Retention:  3 years

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-12-003 | Inventories

Description:  Listing of holdings

Retention:  Retain until superseded.

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-12-004 | Membership Registrations

Description:  Records used to grant borrower or user privileges to patrons.

Retention:  2 years after expiration

Updated:  October 20, 2016

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