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CATEGORY:  BUILDING (03)   [ Total entries: 8 ]

LG-03-001A and LG-03-001B | Blueprints and Specifications As-Built

Description:  Plans and specifications submitted by contractors when applying for building permits.

Retention:  (LG-03-001A) Exterior Drawings: Life of the Structure; (LG-03-001B) Interior Drawings:10 years.

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-03-002 | Blueprints and Specifications, Interim and Never Constructed

Description:  Plans and specifications submitted by contractors when applying for building permits; these buildings were never constructed or plans were altered prior to construction.

Retention:  1 year

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-03-003 | Building Codes

Description:  Published code books containing building standards and local changes.

Retention:  Permanent

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-03-004 | Certificates of Occupancy

Description:  Records documenting compliance with minimum standards required by the safety fire laws.

Retention:  Life of buildling

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-03-005 | Demolition Records

Description:  Records relating to the demolition and clearance of buildings deemed unfit for habitation.

Retention:  5 years

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-03-006 | Rehabilitation Applications

Description:  Applications from owners of substandard property for financial assistance to improve property.

Retention:  5 years after completion

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-03-007 | Sewage Disposal System Inspection Reports

Description:  Records documenting the inspection of building sewage systems for compliance with building codes.

Retention:  2 years

Updated:  October 20, 2016

LG-03-008 | Street Address Lists

Description:  Listings of streets and house numbers

Retention:  Retain for useful life.

Updated:  October 20, 2016

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