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December 13, 2018

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Accounting (01)
Records Description Retention Number
Accounting Records Records include: accounts payable files; accounts receivable files; bank statements; cancelled checks, vouchers, and EFTS; cash balances and reconciliations; cost accounting records; deposit slips and reconciliations; invoices; journal entries (journal vouchers); outstanding obligations; payment schedules; purchase orders; receipts; returned checks; reconciliations; refund/disbursement requests; moving expenses; agency-paid individual memberships and activities in professional organizations; registration fees; and travel authorization and reimbursement records. 5 years. GASC-01-001
Annual Financial Statements Records which provide an annual statement of net assets and activities; often called a comprehensive annual financial statement or report. Permanent. GASC-01-002
Audit Reports (Agency Copies) Reports prepared by the Department of Audits examining and verifying the agency's financial activities for a defined period of time; does not include the record copy maintained by the Department of Audits. 5 years or two successive audits, whichever is longer. GASC-01-003
Bids and Competitive Selection Records This series documents the procurement of equipment and service valued in excess of bid limit. This series may include but is not limited to: requests for proposal (RFP); requests for invitations to bid (RFI); requests for quotes (RFQ); vendors proposals and bids; records for all bids received; and competitive quotes. Capital Improvement Projects: 11 years; All other records: 7 years. GASC-01-004
Budgeting Records Records documenting budget requests, maintenance, and reports as well as the budget approved by the Legislature. Approved Budget: Permanent; All other Records: 6 years. GASC-01-005
Collection Records This series includes records documenting an agency's efforts to collect unpaid accounts; includes PeopleSoft collection reports. 5 years after account paid in full or deemed uncollectible. GASC-01-006
Contracts and Agreements This series documents the negotiation, execution, completion, and termination of legal agreements between an agency and other parties to acquire or provide services or products. Capital Improvements: 10 years after expiration; Other contracts: 7 years after contract expiration. GASC-01-007
Cooperative Federal Programs Budget Preparation, Project, and Allocation Records Records used to develop, estimate, propose, and plan the preliminary budget requests for cooperative state/federal programs and reflect the process by which annual budget allotments are distributed. 5 years after the end of the fiscal year. GASC-01-008
Cost Accounting Reports Financial reports by cost center for all expenditures. 3 years. GASC-01-009
Credit Card Administration Records Records documenting administration of credit cards issued to individual agency staff or offices. 7 years. GASC-01-010
Federal and State Grant Project Files Records documenting federal and state-funded grant projects. Final Narrative Summary: Permanent (GASC-02-008); Education Agencies: 5 years after submission of final report or denial of application; Non-Education Agencies: 3 years after submission of final financial report. GASC-01-011
Federal Revenue Sharing Records Records documenting federal, state, county, and municipal revenue-sharing; includes summaries, expenditures, and investments. 5 years after submission of final report. GASC-01-012
General Ledger and Trial Balances Record of final entry for all financial transactions. 7 years. GASC-01-013
Internal Auditing Records Records documenting the conduct of an internal review of agency financial accounts and processes. 5 years or two successive audits, whichever is longer. GASC-01-014
Official Bonds and Oaths Bonds required of state officials and custodians of funds. 5 years after expiration of term. GASC-01-015
Signature Authorizations Records documenting the certification of employees who are authorized to sign fiscal and contractual documents. 7 years after authorization expires. GASC-01-016
Administration (02)
Records Description Retention Number
Administrative Rules Records Records documenting reviews and changes to administrative rules issued in compliance with O.C.G.A. 50-13-1 through 44. Final rule: 5 years after expiration; Other records: Retain for useful life. GASC-02-001
Annual Reports Annual reports that summarize agency functions and activities.

Updated:  October 15, 2015
Permanent GASC-02-015
Broadcast Logs Records documenting agency daily broadcast activities. Logs relating to a disaster or investigated by the FCC: Retain until authorized by FCC to destroy; Other logs: 2 years. GASC-02-007
Correspondence, Administrative This series includes communications received or sent that document significant events and/or the development of administrative structure, policy, procedures, and the historical development of the office. Permanent. GASC-02-004
Correspondence, General This series includes correspondence that documents formal decisions regarding routine matters. 5 years. GASC-02-005
Crisis or Disaster Records Records documenting events and damages to an agency's property due to storms, riots, fires, drought, floods, and other acts affecting the agency facilities; may include photos, logs, reports, notes, and correspondence. Records that document a lasting change to agency property or activities: Permanent; Other: See applicable retention schedule. GASC-02-006
Executive Level Administrative Files This series includes the records of an agency's director, deputy director, and division directors. Records with historical value include memoranda, reports, and other documentation concerning the administration of policy, coordination of agency functions, and management of program activity. Records of a routine or non-substantive nature that do not document policy decisions or significant programmatic and functional activities. Records that document policy, coordination of agency functions, and management of program activity: Permanent; Other recs: 5 yr. GASC-02-002
Federal and State Grant Reports Final narrative summary submitted according to grant requirements of the funding agency. Permanent. GASC-02-008
Legal Case Files Documents the work of the agency legal counsel in advising and representing the agency. 6 years after settlement of case. GASC-02-009
Legal Opinions Interpretations of the law and an agency's compliance with the law by the Attorney General or other legal counsel. Until superseded. GASC-02-010
Legislative Relations Records This series may be used to review and plan institutional positions on legislative activities. This series may include but is not limited to: final reports; bill review and tracking records; copies of legislation; and working papers. Final reports: Permanent; All other records: Retain for useful life. GASC-02-011
Lobbyist Records This series documents the activities of agency employees who engage in lobbying the state. Records may include: lobbyist registration statement forms; lobbyist termination forms; lobbyist expenditure report forms; lobbyist listings; and salary information. 5 years. GASC-02-012
Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Packets Records documenting proposed and executed proceedings of agency meetings. Approved Minutes, Agenda, and Final Packet: Permanent; Notes and records used to create the approved minutes and supporting documentation: Retain until minutes are approved. GASC-02-013
News Release Records This series documents newsworthy events of the agency. This series may include but is not limited to news releases issued by agency news and communications units arranged by topic and/or date of issue. 10 years. GASC-02-014
Periodic Reports Reports that describe the agency's functions and activities and include quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily reports. Note: does not include annual reports (GASC-02-003). Reports that are summarized in an agency's annual report: Retain until Annual Report is completed; Other reports: 2 years. GASC-02-015
Photographs, Videos, and Films Films, videos, photographs, and other visual representations of agency public service announcements, events, productions, promotional, tourism, training, and property. Final Product: Permanent; Other: 5 years; Copies and poor images: Useful life. GASC-02-016
Policies and Procedures Standard operating practice for business processes. Policies that affect the public: Permanent; Policies that do not affect the public: 3 years after superseded. GASC-02-017
Printing Service Files Records relating to printing requests, cost estimates, mock-ups, proofs, and printing plates. Retain for useful life. GASC-02-018
Publications Newsletters, handbooks, pamphlets, and brochures published by an agency. Permanent. GASC-02-019
Speeches, Non-official Records relating to public speaking engagements, recordings and special events by agency employees held or approved by the agency.

Updated:  October 17, 2017
Retain for useful life. GASC-02-021
Speeches, Official Records relating to public speaking engagements and recordings of executive level officials, speaking in official capacity, outlining official policies or positions or other agency initiatives.

Updated:  October 17, 2017
Speeches and recordings: Permanent; Drafts, source materials, and other materials: Retain for useful life. GASC-02-020
Administrative Support (03)
Records Description Retention Number
Calendars Desk calendars and other scheduling media. 1 year after the end of the calendar year in which the record was created. GASC-03-001
Data Input Forms Any type of form used to collect information for input into electronic form. Destroy upon verification/quality control of data entry. GASC-03-002
Indexes Records which provide a ready reference or pointer into larger sets of records. Retain until superseded or destruction of indexed set of records. GASC-03-003
Mailing Lists Various standard lists of names and addresses. Retain for useful life. GASC-03-004
Newspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks This series includes newspaper clippings and scrapbooks, which may contain newspaper clippings, photographs, event programs, and other memorabilia. Newspaper clippings: Retain for useful life. Scrapbooks: Contact Archives staff before disposition to ensure that any original materials contained in the scrapbook are retained for the duration of their retention period and that no permanent records are destroyed. GASC-03-005
Reference Files Publications, copies of records, and other materials that provide general reference for agency employees. Retain for useful life. GASC-03-006
Telephone and Fax Records "While You Were Out" message slips; telephone and fax contact information; and related data. Retain for useful life. GASC-03-007
Transitory Records Records with short-term interest that have no documentary or evidential value, such as routine requests for publications, transmittal letters, and agency event notices (holidays, charitable campaigns). Retain for useful life. GASC-03-008
Information Technology (04)
Records Description Retention Number
Computer System Documentation, Management, and Maintenance Records Records documenting the addition, modification, maintenance, and removal of software and/or hardware from an agency's computer system. Records may include: computer equipment inventories; hardware performance reports; component maintenance records; system backup reports; backup tape inventories; system overviews; operations logs; job listings; system development logs; system specifications and changes; conversion notes; dataset logs; dataset inventories; dataset record layouts; hard copies of tables; data dictionaries; programming logs; program specifications and changes; record layouts; user views; control program table documentation; program listings; instruction manuals; software purchase records; software inventories; and licenses. Computer Equipment Inventories: 4 years after surplussed and all audit requirements have been met; Records related to backup: Retain for 2 backup cycles; All other records: Life of system, software, or component and all audit requirements have been met. GASC-04-001
Information System Planning and Development Records This series documents the planning and development of agency information systems. Records may include: information technology plans; feasibility studies; cost-benefit analyses; studies and surveys; system specifications and revisions; component proposals; technical literature; and vendor literature and proposals. Implemented systems: Life of system and all audit requirements have been met; Unimplemented systems: Useful life. GASC-04-002
Network, Computer, and Server Password and Security Records documenting the issuance or selection of a network password and the administration of security and monitoring of the agency's network, servers, and computers. 1 year after superseded or the employee separates from the agency, and all audit requirements have been met. GASC-04-003
System Architecture Documents and Wiring Schemas Records documenting the location of wiring and the design of the overall agency network environment. Until superseded or obsolete and all audit requirements have been met. GASC-04-004
Payroll (05)
Records Description Retention Number
Annual Payroll Earnings Reports Summary of employees' payroll earnings for fiscal year, including deductions. 50 years after tax year in which the records were created. GASC-05-001
Deduction Records Records documenting individual employee's authorization to withhold taxes and other deductions from employees pay. 4 years after end of fiscal year. GASC-05-002
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Compliance Records All records pertaining to FMLA's leave requirements, including dates and hours of FMLA leave; copies of employer notices, documents describing premium payments, employee benefits, and records of disputes over FMLA benefits. 3 years. GASC-05-003
Garnishments Records documenting the withholding of funds from an employee's wages at the request of the courts or a state agency. 5 years. GASC-05-004
HIPAA/HITECH Records These records include the policies and procedures implemented by agencies to comply with HIPAA/HITECH regulations. 6 years. GASC-05-005
Periodic Tax Reports Records documenting taxable and non-taxable income of an agency. 5 years. GASC-05-006
Salary and Wage Records Pre-payroll reports, monthly payroll check registers, monthly fund distribution reports, and payroll action forms. 5 years. GASC-05-007
Unclaimed Pay Checks Checks that remain unclaimed by employees. 1 year. GASC-05-008
Unemployment Compensation Records Documents relating to employee claims for unemployment compensation. 5 years after end of the fiscal year in which the transaction occurred. GASC-05-009
Wage and Rate Tables Records utlized to calculate straight time and overtime work schedules. 5 years. GASC-05-010
Wage and Tax Statements Information returns used to report wages paid to employees and the taxes withheld from them. Includes W-2s. 5 years. GASC-05-011
Withholding Allowance Certificates (G-4 and W-4 forms) Federal forms completed by an individual to establish the amount of taxes withheld from wages. 4 years after superseded. GASC-05-012
Personnel (06)
Records Description Retention Number
Accident Reports Reports of employee accidents and injuries; including worker's compensation claims. Workers' Comp Claims: 5 years and settlement of all claims due; Accident Reports not resulting in Workers' Comp Claims: 3 years. GASC-06-001
Affirmative Action Records Records documenting an agency's compliance with the requirements of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and response to federal program reviews, state compliance audits, annual reporting requirements, and internal audits. Plans: Permanent; Audits, annual reports, and other records: 3 years. GASC-06-002
Applications for Employment, Not Hired Records documenting employment applications of persons not hired. Records may include but are not limited to: unsolicited, incomplete, and complete applications; supporting documentation, interview notes and materials; background surveys; and correspondence. Unsolicited and incomplete applications: Useful life; All other records: 3 years. GASC-06-003
Background Checks Criminal and financial background checks on employees. 5 years. GASC-06-004
Cafeteria Plan (Flexible Benefits) Records Records documenting salary reduction-type plans authorized by the Internal Revenue Service. 6 years after temination of participant. GASC-06-005
Continuation of Insurance Benefits (COBRA) Records Copies of notices required by COBRA; documentation that notices were received; documentation of any circumstance in which COBRA is not offered due to gross misconduct. 6 years GASC-06-006
Contracts, Employee Service contracts between an individual and government agency. 7 years after expiration. GASC-06-007
Converted Personal Leave Requests Records documenting converted personal leave requests. 1 year after leave is used. GASC-06-008
Drug Testing Records Records documenting the random drug testing of employees to include pre-employment and reasonable suspicion. Positives and refusals: 5 years. Negatives and Cancelled Drug Tests and documents relating to the administration of the alcohol and controlled substance testing programs: 2 years. GASC-06-009
Employee Grievance Action Case Files Resolution of employee complaints against supervisor or other employees. 2 years after the complaint is filed or the case is resolved. GASC-06-010
Employee Handbooks Guidelines created to explain the internal operations and procedures of the agency to a new employee. Permanent. GASC-06-011
Employee Hazardous Materials Exposure Monitoring Records Records monitoring the exposure to hazardous materials by employees. 30 years. GASC-06-012
Employee Medical Files, Toxic/Hazardous Substance Exposure Documentation of employee exposure to hazardous materials. 30 years after separation. GASC-06-013
Employee Parking Records Records documenting employee parking permit applications, cards, and permits. 5 years after permit expires or is superseded or separation of employee from the agency. GASC-06-014
Employee Personnel Files Records documenting an employee's work history with the agency, generally maintained as a case file; includes records of continuing education, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and background checks. Please note: no central agency maintains these records, it is the responsibility of individual agencies to maintain the personnel files of their employees. Records documenting service, final leave status, and hire/no hire recommendation: 50 years; Other records: 7 years following separation of employee. GASC-06-015
Employment Eligibility Verification Records I-9 forms. 3 years after date of hire or 1 year after separation, whichever is longer. GASC-06-016
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Reports Reports classifying employees by race and gender that document compliance with EEOC rules. 3 years. GASC-06-018
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and GA Commission on Equal Opportunity Complaints Records documenting charges of discrimination filed against an agency. 2 years or until final disposition of the charge or action. GASC-06-017
Family Medical Leave Case Files Records documenting extended absence from work by an employee under provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act. 3 years. GASC-05-003
Intern Records This series documents the activities of interns working at the agency. 5 years. GASC-06-020
Job Recruitment Materials Records documenting efforts to advertise positions and attract qualified personnel. 2 years. GASC-06-021
Leave Donation Records Records documenting the donation of leave by employees to assist an individual who must be absent form work for an extended period of time due to illness. 1 year after leave used. GASC-06-022
Leave Records Records documenting hours worked, leave earned, and leave taken; does not include final leave status. 3 years. GASC-06-023
Physical Examination of State Employees This records series documents the examination and certification of prospective state employees as being medically and physically suitable for employment. Record types include: Prospective Employee Medical Files, physician report, etc. Records relating to persons hired: 7 years following separation of employee (GASC-06-033A); Persons not hired: 3 years (GASC-06-033B) GASC-06-033A GASC-06-033B
Position Classification Materials Records documenting job requirements, description, and salary range. 4 years after position is re-classified. GASC-06-024
Pre-employment Assessments, Not Hired Exams taken by those applying for positions with a state agency. 2 years. GASC-06-025
Retirement Incentive Program Records Records documenting employees who elect for early retirement under government-offered incentive programs. 6 years. GASC-06-026
SAVE Affidavits SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) Affidavits testifying to an individual's right to receive public benefits. 3 years. GASC-06-027
Student Workers Permits Permits to allow persons under 18 years old to obtain summer employment. Return to issuing officer (school board) after termination or failure to appear for 30 days. GASC-06-028
Training Records Records documenting attendance and course content for continuing education training. 5 years. GASC-06-029
Training Records - Breath-Alcohol Testing Records relating to the training of individuals for breath-alcohol testing. 2 years after individual ceases to perform the testing function. GASC-06-030
Volunteer Program Records This series documents the activities and administration of an agency's volunteer program. Records may include: volunteer hour statistics; volunteer program publicity records; insurance requirement information; and inactive volunteer files containing applications and conditions of volunteer service forms. Individual volunteer files: 3 years after separation; All other records: 3 years. GASC-06-031
Work/Time Schedules Records documenting employee's daily and weekly work schedules. 4 years. GASC-06-032
Property and Security (07)
Records Description Retention Number
Blueprints and Specifications Plans and specifications maintained by an agency for its own facility; used by facilities management to facilitate repairs and upgrades to the building. As Built plans and specifications: Permanent; Interim and Never Built plans and specifications: 7 years. GASC-07-001
Building/Grounds Maintenance, Remodeling, and Repair Records Records documenting the condition, upkeep, and routine maintenance on agency facilities and grounds. 7 years. GASC-07-002
Business Continuity Plans Business recovery plans for man-made and natural disasters. Until superseded. GASC-07-003
Capital Construction Project Records Records relating to the planning, administration, and implementation of capital construction projects; includes project descriptions and requirements, bid records, plan reviews, project schedules, contract changes, consultant contracts, and budgets. 11 years after completion of project. GASC-07-004
Depreciation Schedules Records documenting useful life and depreciation of agency-owned equipment and property, usually for insurance purposes. 4 years. GASC-07-005
Employee Identification Records Records documenting the issuance of employee identification cards, including restricted access. 4 years after superseded or employee separation. GASC-07-006
Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance Records Records documenting service history, mileage, damage repair, routine preventative maintenance and disposition of agency vehicles and equipment. Records type include warranties, operating manuals, service contracts, and service logs for maintenance of agency-owned equipment and vehicles etc.

Updated:  April 05, 2017
5 years after disposition of vehicle or equipment. GASC-07-007
Facility Inspection Files and Reports Records documenting inspection of facilities to comply with standards, rules, and codes affecting health and safety of the occupants; includes security and safety inspections. 3 years. GASC-07-008
Federal Property Records Records documenting the loan or lease of government equipment (federal) by state agencies. 7 years after expiration of contract or disposal of equipment. GASC-07-009
Fuel and Oil Usage and Tax Reports Periodic reports of the consumption of taxable and non-taxable diesel, gas, and oil in government-owned vehicles. 3 years. GASC-07-010
Incident Reports Reports of incidents of suspected criminal activity. Internal documentation and reports not reported to police: 5 yrs.; Reports reported to police: Retain until settlement of claims GASC-07-011
Insurance Policies Records documenting insurance purchase for agency facilities or of membership in risk management cooperatives. 7 years after expiration of policy or membership. GASC-07-013
Maintenance Work Orders Records documenting routine maintenance on facilities and property. 5 years. GASC-07-015
Property and Equipment Inventories Listings of agency-owned property and equipment. 5 years after superseded. GASC-07-014
Property Disposition Requests (Surplus Property Records) Records documenting requests for change in status of state-owned property. 5 years. GASC-07-016
Property Insurance Fund Claims Records documenting requests for payment of insurance claims from the Georgia Department of Administrative Services Risk Management Division. 5 years after claim is paid or denied. GASC-07-012
Real Property Ownership Records Deeds, titles, purchasing records, and supporting documentation for land owned by an agency. 11 years after the year in which the property was sold or transferred. GASC-07-017
Receipts of Responsibility Records documenting property temporarily in use or possession of an employee. 5 years. GASC-07-018
Security Access Records Logs documenting when and who accessed restricted areas. 5 years. GASC-07-019
Security Videos Digital or analog video recordings and images from agency security systems. This series also includes digital or analog voice recordings of radio and telephone communications. Known Incident/Accident: Retain until settlement of claims; No known incident/accident: 30 days. GASC-07-021
Security/Fire System Install and Maintenance Records Records documenting agency security and fire alarm systems. 3 years after replacement of system. GASC-07-020
Space Planning/Design Management Project Files Evaluation and design of space for government agencies. 3 years after project completion. GASC-07-022
Vehicle Accident Reports Records documenting damage to agency-owned vehicles. 5 years. GASC-07-023
Vehicle and Equipment Purchases Records documenting the purchase of equipment and vehicles. 5 years after disposition of equipment. GASC-07-025
Vehicle Permits/Security Identification Records Records documenting the issuance of vehicle decals providing access to secure areas. 2 years after superseded. GASC-07-026
Vehicle Title Records Records documenting agency ownership of vehicles. Applications: Retain until receipt of title. Title: Retain for duration of ownership. GASC-07-027
Vehicle Use Authorizations and Requests Records documenting permission for employees to use their private automobiles for official business. 5 years after superseded or obsolete. GASC-07-028
Visitor Sign-in Logs Visitor sign-in logs. 1 year. GASC-07-029
Records Management (08)
Records Description Retention Number
Destruction Records Records documenting the destruction of agency records. Retain in office. GASC-08-001
Microfilm Records Records documenting the processing of microfilm to show compliance with standards; the preparation and filming of records; the inspection of film; and the transfer and acceptance of film to a security storage area. Retain for the life of film. GASC-08-002
Microfilm Vault Monitoring Reports Records documenting temperature and humidity conditions within a storage facility. 5 years. GASC-08-003
Open Records Act Requests and Correspondence Inquiries from members of the public requesting access to information under the Georgia Open Records Act. 3 years. GASC-08-004
Records Schedules Copies of approved agency records retention schedules. 5 years after superseded. GASC-08-005
Records Transmittal Records Records documenting the transfer of agency records into the custody of a records center facility. Permanent Records: Retain in office; Temporary Records: 5 years after disposition of transferred record. GASC-08-006
Reference Requests Reference pull sheets documenting the retrieval of records from a records center facility. 4 years. GASC-08-007

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