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Records Center Transfer Procedures

Records Custodian

Review the records retention schedule that authorizes transfer of the records. Agency Records Management Officer maintains official agency file of records retention schedules approved by the State Records Committee. Agency records may not be removed from offices except as provided by the Georgia Records Act.

  • Obtain supplies and boxes or other containers appropriate for storing the records.
  • Prepare boxes/containers.
  • Pack boxes/containers.
  • Prepare separate “Records Transfer and Receipt (Form AR-48-71)” for each records series. Transmittal Form
  • Use “Continuation Sheet” to list inventory of records contained in each container.
  • Sign form and enter the date that the transfer form was prepared.
  • Send completed transfer form to Agency Records Management Officer for approval.

Records Management Officer

  • Determine that the information on the transmittal form is correct. Use “Checklist” to check information.
  • Sign form and enter approval date.
  • Copy original transfer form and file copy in pending transmittal file.
  • Send original transfer form to State Records Center.

State Records Center

  • Verify information on Transfer Form. If errors, return with cover form listing errors.
  • Assign box/container location numbers.
  • Input destruction date and information from transfer form into computerized database. Computer will generate appropriate box labels containing record number, box/container number, and box/container location number.
  • Write box/container location number on original transfer form.
  • Print out two “Accession/Box Location Report” computer printouts.
  • Mail original transfer form, box labels, two “Accession/Box Location Report” computer printouts; and cover letter authorizing records transfer to agency records management officer.

Records Management Officer

  • Check box labels and computer printouts for accuracy.
  • Copy transfer form and place original and copy in pending file. Remove and destroy previous copy of transfer form that does not contain records center location information.
  • Send box labels, computer printouts, and one copy of transfer form to agency records custodian.

Records Custodian

  • Stick box labels onto boxes to be transferred.
    • Compare box numbers with box labels to insure that proper label is used.
    • Apply label to center of box on one of the short ends.
  • Write accession number on box with black felt-tip marker. Accession number is listed on transfer form and on “Accession/Box Location Report.”
  • Telephone State Records Center to obtain date for delivering records.
  • Arrange for the records to be picked up from office and delivered to the State Records Center on the established date.