Georgia Archives

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Transferring Permanent Records

Only permanent state agency records are eligible for transfer to the archives. Use the most recent version of the Georgia Retention Schedules for State Government or a relevant agency specific schedule to determine if your records are eligible. Please contact the Georgia Archives at 678-364-3710 or for further assistance with the identification of permanent records.

Title to records is transferred to the Georgia Division of Archives and History in accordance to O.C.G.A. 50-18-98 (a). Records belonging to the Georgia Division of Archives and History do not leave the Georgia Archives facility.

Obtaining Supplies

Packing Records

  • All documents should be in folders, and all folders labeled, so that records are identified and protected.

  • Keep the records in the order in which the agency originally filed them.

  • Remove all binder clips, rubber bands, and large paper clips from records prior to packing.

  • Please remove records from three-ring binders and place them in folders before packing.

  • If all of the contents of a box are letter size records, pack the box with the records facing the handhold (12 inch side). The seam should be at the back.

  • If any or all of the contents of a box are legal size records, pack the box with the records facing the long side (15 inch side). The seam will be on your right.

  • Do not place damp records or records containing mold, mildew or insect damage in a box. If any of these conditions exist, please contact the Archives at 678-364-3710.

  • Pack the boxes full, leaving enough space to slide your hand into the box.

  • Place unit number in the upper right hand corner on the front end of the box. Number the boxes consecutively, beginning with the number one (1).

How to Complete the Electronic Permanent Records Transfer Form

Please download a copy of the records transmittal form. Fill in the blanks located in the yellow areas of the form with your agency information. Put all records for one retention schedule on one form. You do not need to complete the grey areas of the form, which are for Georgia Archives use only. List records in the white area of the form under the column headings Container # and List Contents. Each line represents one physical item, either a box or a folder. This data will be imported into our records inventory system. Do not use a line to indicate a topical heading or as a topical divider. Please do not fill out separate forms for individual years, boxes, or topics. For further guidance, please see this example form with yellow fields completed.

  • Agency Code - Please provide the agency code number assigned to your agency by the Department of Audits and Accounts. If you can’t find your code number, please call the Georgia Archives at 678-364-3710 for further assistance.

  • Transferring Agency - Please include your agency name, division name, and the office number and address at which the records are located.

  • Approved Records Retention Schedule Number - This is the identification number of the retention schedule governing your records.

  • Record Series Title - Please include the official series title as noted on the retention schedule.

  • File Years - Indicate the year or span of years covered by the records.

  • Cite Specific Law(s) that State These Records are Confidential - If all of the records are confidential and not open to public inspection, please provide a full citation of the relevant state or federal law, including section subdivisions. (for example, cite O.C.G.A. 50-18-72(a)(11.3) instead of a shorter form such as “Georgia Open Records Act” or O.C.G.A. 50-18-72). Specific citations facilitate appropriate records disposition. If only a portion of the transmittal is classified as confidential, please include the citation as above and also use the content and container listing section to identify which individual folders or boxes are restricted.

  • Records Custodian Transferring Records - Fill in the name and full contact information for the person who is responsible for transferring the records and who knows where the records are stored in the agency. This may or may not be the same person as the agency records management officer.

  • Agency RMO (Records Management Officer) - Fill in the name of the person who is the official head of the agency’s records management program.

After completing the yellow-shaded fields, go to line 40 of the form and supply the box numbers and contents of those boxes. Enter box numbers under the Container # heading; enter folder titles under the List Contents column heading. If you run out of space on the electronic transmittal form, please contact the Archives for a continuation sheet.

Please do not sign the transmittal until the records are picked up. Please email the completed transmittal form to Hendry Miller at

Scheduling a Delivery or Pickup Date

Archives staff will contact you to arrange a pickup date upon verification and acceptance of the form. When we have processed your records, we will mail you an inventory report of the records for your use.