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1805 Land Lottery

1805 Land Lottery in Georgia

Authority: Act of May 11, 1803

Date of Drawing: 1805


  • Baldwin: 5 Districts (1-5)
  • Wayne: 3 Districts (1-3)
  • Wilkinson: 5 Districts (1-5)

Size of Land Lots

  • Baldwin: 202 ½ acres
  • Wayne: 490 acres
  • Wilkinson: 202 ½ acres

Grant Fee

  • $ 8.10 per 202 ½ acre lot
  • $19.60 per 490 acre lot

Person Entitled to Draw

  • Bachelor, 21 years or over, 1 year residence in Georgia, citizen of United States – 1 draw
  • Married man with wife and/or child, 1 year residence in Georgia, citizen of United States – 2 draws
  • Widow with child under 21 years, 1 year residence in Georgia – 2 draws
  • Orphan or family of orphans under 21 years, with father dead and mother dead or remarried – 1 draw

How do I find the names of the winners?

  • 1805 Card File, in records of the Georgia Surveyor General (microfilm). All cards are filed alphabetically. Information includes the name of each participant, county of residence, notation as to blank or prize draw, lot number, district number, and county in which the land was located.
  • 1805 Georgia Land Lottery, by Virginia S. and Ralph V. Wood. (Cambridge, Mass.: Greenwood Press, 1964). This book gives the names of the participants and whether they drew a blank or a prize. If the person drew two blanks, then he or she did not win any land in this lottery. This is the only lottery that lists the unfortunate drawers.
  • 1805 Georgia Land Lottery: Fortunate Drawers and Grantees, by Paul K. Graham. (Decatur, Ga: The Genealogy Co., 2004). Includes names of fortunate drawers and grantees of reverted lots.