Georgia Archives

University System of Georgia

Certification Policy

Georgia Archives Certification and Authentication Policy

  1. It is the policy of this office to certify only state and county records officially transferred to the archives, or officially deposited for preservation in the archives, in accordance with O.C.G.A. 20-3-41, 50-18-91, and 50-18-97.

  2. The archives will not certify copies of private manuscripts, non-state publications, or microfilm of private manuscripts or non-state, non-county records.

  3. The Director may, at his discretion, issue an “Authentication Letter” which verifies that a copy of a non-state, non-county record (such as a Bible record or document from a collection of private manuscripts) was reproduced from the archives’ holdings.

  4. The fee for authentications will be the same as that for certifications.

  5. The Archives certifies or authenticates only paper copies of documents, not electronic copies.

  6. The Archives certifies or authenticates only copies produced by its own staff at the time of certification or authentication.

All certification orders and orders for legal documents and legal cases must be placed and verified on site and paid for in advance.

Same-day service for certifications is not available. Fulfillment time depends on the size and complexity of the order and the number of outstanding orders.