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Technology Authority, Georgia

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0980-0009 | Source Code Files

Description:  Automated program code that generates the machine-language instructions used to operate an automated information system

Retention:  2 years after associated source code is superseded or obsolete

0980-0013 | Summary Computer Usage Reports File

Description:  Summary reports and other records documenting computer usage for reporting or cost recovery purposes

Retention:  Retain for useful life

0980-0026 | System Backup Files

Description:  Copies of master files or databases, application software, logs, directories, and other records needed to restore a system in case of a disaster or inadvertent destruction

Retention:  Destroy in accordance with responsible business unit's established written regular backup plan and procedures; if there is no written plan, retain for 12 months from creation

0980-0007 | System Documentation Records

Description:  User and operational documentation describing how an application system operates from a functional user and data processing point of view.

Retention:  2 years after discontinuance of system and after all data has been destroyed or transferred to another operating environment or other retrievable storage format

0980-0010 | Technical Program Documentation Records

Description:  Records concerning program code, program flowcharts, program maintenance logs, system change notices, and other records that document modifications to computer programs

Retention:  1 year after program in superseded or obsolete

0980-0011 | Test Data and Files

Description:  Records concerning benchmark data sets or test databases, test results constructed or used to test or develop a system, and other related documentation

Retention:  Retain for useful like

0980-0003 | Unselected Bid or Proposal Records

Description:  Records documenting bids, quotes, or proposals by vendors to supply products or services to an agency that are not selected for award

Retention:  180 calendar days after end of procurement or protest period, whichever is later

0980-0005 | User Charge backs for Data Processing Services

Description:  Records used to document, calculate costs, and bill program entities for computer usage and data processing services

Retention:  3 years (for all records not covered under Accounting retention schedule)

0980-0016 | Work/Intermediate Data File

Description:  Records used to facilitate the processing of a specific job/run or to process data within an automated system

Retention:  Retain for useful life

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