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Juvenile Justice, Department of

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0461-0027 | Teacher Program of Work Files, Vocational

Description:  Documentation of all planning activities and schedules for contract teachers.

Retention:  1 year

Vital Record:  FALSE

0461-0028 | Teacher, Parent, Student Handbooks

Description:  Handbooks explaining school operating procedures.

Retention:  Permanent. Retain 1 copy.

Vital Record:  FALSE

0461-0029 | Textbook Adoption Recommendations

Description:  Recommendations for the selection and purchase of textbooks.

Retention:  7 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

0461-0030 | Textbook Requisition Files

Description:  Contracts and orders for approved course texts.

Retention:  3 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

0461-0032 | Vocational Education Program Operational Records

Description:  Documentation of day-to-day operation of program,including applications for admission, teacher assignments, correspondence, reports, and student papers.

Retention:  4 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

0461-0001 | Youth Development Center Client Academic Record Files (1965-ongoing)

Description:  Documents relating to education provided the youths of GA; includes admission sheet, special education due process info, tracking sheet for academic modules, student class schedule, copy of withdrawal form, and related records

Retention:  3 years after discharge (age of 18)

Legal Citation:  OCGA 20-2-151; 20-2-152; 40-2-140;20-2-141

Vital Record:  FALSE

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