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Economic Development, Department of

Total entries: 20   (Listed alphabetically by title)

1980-0282 | Approved Farm Loan Application files

Description:  Receiving, appraising, and approving requests for farm loans.

Retention:  5 years after loan is paid in full.

0429-01-004 | Artist Registry Files

Description:  List of teaching artists whose qualifications and experience have been reviewed by the GCA and are available to deliver programs serving K-12 students. All have gone through background checks.

Retention:  20 years

Updated:  April 25, 2018

0000-0304 | Camera Ready Art and Drawings File

Description:  Requests for printing services to promote tourism.

Retention:  2 years

0429-01-002 | Collections or Artifact Loan Records

Description:  This records series documents the loan of segments of the agency's arts collection as part of travel exhibits. Record types include inventory on loan and terms of loan.

Retention:  7 years after return of property.

Updated:  April 25, 2018

1980-0283 | Disapproved Farm Loan Application files

Description:  Collection of payments.

Retention:  3 years

1974-0140 | Economic Development Program Community Profile Files

Description:  Compilation of community profiles that contain socio-economic data for approximately 240 communities in the State.

Retention:  Permanent

1974-0143 | Economic Development Program Site/Building Selection Files

Description:  Available sites and buildings for industrial development.

Retention:  Site/Building Reference Book: Permanent. Other files: 10 years. See original documentation for detailed instructions.

1980-0284 | Farm Loan Repayment Receipt Books File

Description:  Collection of payments.

Retention:  5 years after last receipt in book.

0000-0429 | Foreign Countries Projects Files

Description:  Firms, organizations and agencies in foreign countries involved in or interested in operations and activities in Georgia and/or oversees.

Retention:  Permanent

1974-0190 | Georgia Manufacturing Directory Files

Description:  The publication of the Georgia Manufacturing Directory.

Retention:  See original documentation.

1974-0258 | Industrial Inquiry Files

Description:  Industrial Inquiries in reference to new Industry locating in Georgia.

Retention:  3 months.

1973-0196 | Kaolin to Alumina Reports and Information File

Description:  The development of a Kaolin industry in Georgia

Retention:  Permanent

1974-0161 | Motion Picture and Television Industry Files

Description:  All aspects of the motion picture and television industry in the State of Georgia.

Retention:  Completed Projects: Permanent. Defunct Projects: 4 years.

1974-0259 | Prospective Plant Location Project Files

Description:  Prospective plant locations for industries interested in locating in Georgia.

Retention:  5 years after completion of project.

1973-0143 | Public Relations Subject Files

Description:  All aspects of Public Relations Unit operations.

Retention:  Permanent

0429-01-001 | State Art Collection Management Files

Description:  This series documents the acquisition, accession, use, preservation, storage, transfer, and disposition of artifacts and collections. Records include the collection inventory, purchase date, purchase price, appraisal values, size, medium, title, etc., including artist information.

Retention:  Life of collection.

Updated:  April 25, 2018

1974-0158 | State of Georgia Advertising Files

Description:  All aspects of advertising.

Retention:  Advertising Files: Permanent. Background Files: 5 years.

0429-01-003 | Traditional Arts Archive Materials

Description:  This records series includes fieldwork, photos/negatives, audio and video recordings, books and articles relating to Georgia's traditional arts program from the 1970s-2000. Original material and a finding aid cataloging the collection are included.

Retention:  Permanent

Updated:  April 25, 2018

0000-0428 | United States Projects Files

Description:  Companies in the United States with internationally base operations and/or U.S. companies and Development Agencies of other states interested in international activities in Georgia.

Retention:  Permanent

1976-0283 | Welcome Center Visitors Statistics File

Description:  Recording monthly the number of people who visit the Georgia Welcome Centers.

Retention:  5 years

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