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CATEGORY:  EDUCATION (06)   [ Total entries: 82 ]

96 | Accident Reports, Student or Visitor

Description:  Reports and investigations of injuries occurring on the school campus

Retention:  5 years

223 | Adult and Community Education Program Course Offerings

Description:  Lists of courses offered for each term

Retention:  Permanent. Retain 1 copy.

After-School Program Daily Records

Description:  Non-financial school records documenting daily attendance and activities of the after-school program, such as attendance, late pick up, etc.

Retention:  Retain for useful life

103 | Annual Reports, Driver Education

Description:  Annual reports to the state on the number of students and teachers participating in driver's ed programs

Retention:  3 years

94 | Attendance Records for Home-Schooled Students

Description:  Records documenting required hours of study for home schooled students

Retention:  Retain until student reaches age 18

AYP, School Choice and Permissive Transfers, Denied

Description:  Records documenting requests to transfer schools within a school district through permissive transfers or school choice transfer programs

Retention:  3 years

81 | Behavior Policy/Code of Conduct Records

Description:  Copies of written school policy of student behavior, signed annually for each student by parent or guardian

Retention:  1 year or until superseded

Certificate of Noncompliance-Loss of Drivers License

Description:  Information provided by the local school system to the Department of Drivers' Services as notification that the individual is not qualified to hold a driver's license based on dropping out of school or lack of attendance

Retention:  3 years

147 | Certificates of Eligibility - Migrant Education Agency

Description:  documents relate to the eligibility of migrant families to participant in the migrant education program

Retention:  6 years

82 | Civil Rights Reports

Description:  Statistical reports analyzing racial and gender breakdowns of student bodies

Retention:  Final Report: Permanent; All other records: 6 years

143 | Class Rolls

Description:  Lists of students in each class

Retention:  3 years

237 | Clinic Activity Information

Description:  Documents the disbursing of mediation and clinic visits by students

Retention:  3 years

140 | Completed and Graded Student Work, Not Returned to Student

Description:  Tests and other school assignments not returned to the student

Retention:  Return until end of school year

98 | Contracts, Teacher

Description:  Documents school contracts for teaching services

Retention:  7 years after expiration

91 | Court-ordered Busing Plans and Maps

Description:  Overall plans designating which neighborhoods are served by each school in the system and indicating bus routes, that were created originally in response to a court order

Retention:  Permanent

120 | Curriculum Course Guides

Description:  Handbook documenting the content, objectives, and evaluation criteria for all school courses

Retention:  Permanent. Retain 1 copy

Declarations of Intent, Home School

Description:  Notices by parent or guardian that a child will participate in a home study program

Retention:  5 years

Department and Program Operational Records

Description:  Documentation of day-to-day operations of a department or program, including correspondence and reports

Retention:  5 years

105 | Driver Education Vehicle Agreements, Returned Vehicles

Description:  Documents the acquisition of vehicles for the driver's ed program

Retention:  7 years

209 | Dropout Reports

Description:  Reports generated to document students who cease attending school

Retention:  5 years

215 | Emergency Contact Cards

Description:  Record of individuals to be notified in event of student accident or illness

Retention:  Retain for useful life.

141 | Emergency/Fire Drill Reports

Description:  Documentation of all fire drills held in each school

Retention:  3 years

163 | Enrollment Records - Student did not Attend

Description:  Records relating to students accepted for enrollment who did not attend school

Retention:  1 year

151 | Federally-Affected Areas Membership Counts

Description:  Reports of numbers of students whose parents reside or are employed on federal property

Retention:  5 years

173 | Field Trip Authorizations/Parental Permissions

Description:  Authorization of parent for student to participate in an off-campus school activity

Retention:  Retain until end of school year

115 | Georgia High School Association Files

Description:  Documents school participation in the state high school association

Retention:  5 years

Gifted and Talented Program Selection and Placement Requirements Documentation

Description:  Core documentation about the admission criteria and program requirements

Retention:  Permanent. Retain 1 copy

164 | Grade Distribution and Failure Reports

Description:  Statistical analysis of student grades and attendance

Retention:  3 years

142 | Grade Reports

Description:  Reports by student of individual test scores and average course grade

Retention:  1 year after date distributed

155 | Graduate and Class Ranking Lists

Description:  Listings of graduates and ranking in class

Retention:  Permanent

240 | Honor Rolls

Description:  Listing of students placed on various honor rolls for academic achievement

Retention:  Grades K-8: 2 years. Grades 9-12: 5 years.

Investigation Files

Description:  Records documenting investigations involving teachers, parents, and/or students

Retention:  7 years

Learning Resources Services (GLRS) Files

Description:  Records documenting programs for the handicapped through the Georgia Learning Resources Services

Retention:  5 years

Limited English Proficient (LEP) Student Records

Description:  Records documenting efforts to increase the English language proficiency of students. Program is also known as English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Retention:  5 years

85 | Private School Enrollments

Description:  Reports submitted to the state about enrollments in private schools

Retention:  Permanent

254 | Private Tutor Records

Description:  Teaching certificates and other required documentation for individuals who "home school" students

Retention:  5 years after instruction ends

Race and Ethnicity Forms

Description:  Records documenting the race/ethnicity of individual students within the school system

Retention:  3 years

Reports to State Department of Education

Description:  Report of statistical information to the state

Retention:  Annual reports: 10 years; Periodic reports: 5 years

167 | Requests for Transcripts

Description:  Records documenting requests from former students for copies of their records

Retention:  1 year

174 | Requests to Use School Bus

Description:  Requests by individual schools to use a school system bus and driver for a special trip

Retention:  3 years

214 | Safe and Drug-Free Schools Records

Description:  Records documenting the activities and initiatives sponsored by this federally-funded program

Retention:  3 years

118 | Scholarships and Awards

Description:  Documents the selection of outstanding students to receive scholarships

Retention:  Retain for useful life.

175 | School Bus Drivers Physical Exams

Description:  Certification of bus drivers for satisfactory physical condition

Retention:  2 years or until replaced with new certificate

211 | School Bus Schedules

Description:  Information about schedules, timing, and distance for individual buses

Retention:  1 year or until superseded

School Censuses

Description:  Compilation of numbers of school aged children

Retention:  2008 and Prior: Permanent; Post-2008: Retain for useful life.

256 | School Construction Project Files

Description:  Records documenting all activities pertaining to planning and construction of educational facilities

Retention:  Retain for life of facility

117 | School History Records and Objects

Description:  Scrapbooks, newspaper articles, photographs, and artifacts that document the development of the school system

Retention:  Permanent

165 | School Psychologist/Psychometrist Files

Description:  Records, such as evaluations, created by the school system psychologist or psychometrist

Retention:  5 years

144 | School Social Worker Reports

Description:  Statistical reports of caseload to the state

Retention:  Annual: 15 years; Periodic: 3 years

90 | School System Rezoning Records

Description:  Documents relating to the revision of student attendance zones to maximize the use of school facilities

Retention:  Approved Plan: Permanent All other records: 3 years

77 | School System Studies and Reports

Description:  Studies of the conditions and funding levels in the school system

Retention:  Refer to retention for periodic reports in the Administrative Category.

80 | Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Applications for Accreditation

Description:  Applications for and certificates of accreditation by SACS

Retention:  Accreditation Certificate: Permanent. Applications: 5 years

79 | Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Self Study Reports

Description:  Accreditation review and maintenance records

Retention:  Final Report: Permanent; All other records: Retain until completion of report

218 | Special Education Program Selection and Placement Requirements Documentation

Description:  Core documentation of admission criteria and program requirements

Retention:  Permanent. Retain 1 copy.

160 | Standardized Test Results

Description:  Records documenting the administration and results of state required standardized student testing programs.

Retention:  4 years

Standardized Test Summary Reports

Description:  Records documenting state required standardized student test summaries showing overall school or system results.

Retention:  10 years.

606 | Stipends

Description:  Records documenting the expenditure of funds awarded to certified personnel, paraprofessionals, and aides for the successful completion of education opportunities

Retention:  7 years

Student Activities History Files

Description:  Documentation of student clubs and organizations, events, publications, contests, and competitions.

Retention:  Refer to retention for Scrapbooks in the Administrative Support Category

159 | Student Counseling Test Records

Description:  Teacher counseling records for individual students

Retention:  Retain for useful life

162 | Student Discipline and Suspension Records, Resolved

Description:  Records of disciplinary action of problem students

Retention:  7 years or until age 22, whichever is shorter.

Student Due Process Disciplinary Hearings Files

Description:  Documentation of evidence, transcripts, and decisions based on due process hearings

Retention:  15 years or until age 22, whichever is shorter

148 | Student Education and Health Records - Migrant Education Agency

Description:  Documents relating to the educational progress and health status of migrant students

Retention:  Retain until records received from local school system

213 | Student Excuses

Description:  Communications from a student's parent or guardian indicating the reason for the student's absence

Retention:  Retain until end of school year

Student Health Management Plans

Description:  Information documenting prescribed medicines and medical conditions of individual students

Retention:  2 years after graduation or date of last attendance

161 | Student Records, District Created

Description:  Official record of the individual student for his/her period of enrollment at a school; includes attendance reports, transcripts, standardized test scores (CRCT, GHST, etc.)

Retention:  Permanent

Student Records, Personal and Non-District Created

Description:  Records only required or presented to the school district while the student is enrolled and those not created by the school district; including birth certification, immunizations, medical, legal, and optional testing (ACT, SAT, etc.) records

Retention:  Give to student/parent at graduation or at time of withdrawal or retain after 1 year of leaving school district

157 | Student Records, Special Education

Description:  Individual student records for the special ed program

Retention:  Retain until age 22 and notification of parents.

166 | Student Remediation Files

Description:  Records documenting assistance, instruction, and remediation provided to students who fail to pass the high school graduation exam

Retention:  4 years after graduation or last attempt to complete

168 | Student Requests for Early Release from School

Description:  Requests for early release from school for work or travel purposes

Retention:  Retain until end of school year

604 | Student Sign-Out Sheets

Description:  Record documenting students leaving campus for work, lunch or other purposes

Retention:  Retain until end of school year

238 | Student Support Team (SST) Files

Description:  Records supporting the identification and recommended modifications in student behavior

Retention:  2 years after student leaves the school district

97 | Summer School Files, Vocational

Description:  Records documenting the operation of summer vocational education programs

Retention:  5 years

Teacher Disciplinary Actions, Closed

Description:  Records used to investigate complaints against teachers

Retention:  Founded: 20 years after settlement of case; Unfounded: 1 year after investigation completed

216 | Teacher Lesson Plans

Description:  Documentation of teaching plans including subject, class period, activity, and/or project

Retention:  2 years

99 | Teacher Program of Work Files

Description:  Documentation of all planning activities and schedules for contract teachers

Retention:  1 year

121 | Teacher, Parent, Student Handbooks

Description:  Handbooks explaining school operating procedures

Retention:  Permanent. Retain 1 copy

146 | Teacher’s Record of Student Attendance

Description:  Attendance register documenting daily attendance in each class

Retention:  Pre-1940: Permanent Post-1940: 2 years

145 | Teacher’s Student Folders

Description:  Teacher's working file on each student

Retention:  Retain for useful life

122 | Textbook Adoption Recommendations

Description:  Recommendations for the selection and purchase of textbooks

Retention:  10 years

123 | Textbook Requisition Files

Description:  Contracts and orders of approved course texts

Retention:  1 year after new adoption implemented

Title I Program Records

Description:  Records documenting application, receipt, and expenditure of Title I education funds for such programs as Even Start, Migratory Children, and Comprehensive School Reform

Retention:  3 years after the financial report for the grant year

158 | Visiting Teacher Case Files, School Social Worker

Description:  Records of guidance provided to problem students by the school social worker

Retention:  2 years

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