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CATEGORY:  EDUCATION (06)   [ Total entries: 82 (showing 20 per page) ]

96 | Accident Reports, Student or Visitor

Description:  Reports and investigations of injuries occurring on the school campus

Retention:  5 years

223 | Adult and Community Education Program Course Offerings

Description:  Lists of courses offered for each term

Retention:  Permanent. Retain 1 copy.

After-School Program Daily Records

Description:  Non-financial school records documenting daily attendance and activities of the after-school program, such as attendance, late pick up, etc.

Retention:  Retain for useful life

103 | Annual Reports, Driver Education

Description:  Annual reports to the state on the number of students and teachers participating in driver's ed programs

Retention:  3 years

94 | Attendance Records for Home-Schooled Students

Description:  Records documenting required hours of study for home schooled students

Retention:  Retain until student reaches age 18

AYP, School Choice and Permissive Transfers, Denied

Description:  Records documenting requests to transfer schools within a school district through permissive transfers or school choice transfer programs

Retention:  3 years

81 | Behavior Policy/Code of Conduct Records

Description:  Copies of written school policy of student behavior, signed annually for each student by parent or guardian

Retention:  1 year or until superseded

Certificate of Noncompliance-Loss of Drivers License

Description:  Information provided by the local school system to the Department of Drivers' Services as notification that the individual is not qualified to hold a driver's license based on dropping out of school or lack of attendance

Retention:  3 years

147 | Certificates of Eligibility - Migrant Education Agency

Description:  documents relate to the eligibility of migrant families to participant in the migrant education program

Retention:  6 years

82 | Civil Rights Reports

Description:  Statistical reports analyzing racial and gender breakdowns of student bodies

Retention:  Final Report: Permanent; All other records: 6 years

143 | Class Rolls

Description:  Lists of students in each class

Retention:  3 years

237 | Clinic Activity Information

Description:  Documents the disbursing of mediation and clinic visits by students

Retention:  3 years

140 | Completed and Graded Student Work, Not Returned to Student

Description:  Tests and other school assignments not returned to the student

Retention:  Return until end of school year

98 | Contracts, Teacher

Description:  Documents school contracts for teaching services

Retention:  7 years after expiration

91 | Court-ordered Busing Plans and Maps

Description:  Overall plans designating which neighborhoods are served by each school in the system and indicating bus routes, that were created originally in response to a court order

Retention:  Permanent

120 | Curriculum Course Guides

Description:  Handbook documenting the content, objectives, and evaluation criteria for all school courses

Retention:  Permanent. Retain 1 copy

Declarations of Intent, Home School

Description:  Notices by parent or guardian that a child will participate in a home study program

Retention:  5 years

Department and Program Operational Records

Description:  Documentation of day-to-day operations of a department or program, including correspondence and reports

Retention:  5 years

105 | Driver Education Vehicle Agreements, Returned Vehicles

Description:  Documents the acquisition of vehicles for the driver's ed program

Retention:  7 years

209 | Dropout Reports

Description:  Reports generated to document students who cease attending school

Retention:  5 years

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