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CATEGORY:  RECORDS MANAGEMENT (08)   [ Total entries: 7 ]

GASC-08-001 | Destruction Records

Description:  Records documenting the destruction of agency records.

Retention:  Retain in office.

GASC-08-002 | Microfilm Records

Description:  Records documenting the processing of microfilm to show compliance with standards; the preparation and filming of records; the inspection of film; and the transfer and acceptance of film to a security storage area.

Retention:  Retain for the life of film.

GASC-08-003 | Microfilm Vault Monitoring Reports

Description:  Records documenting temperature and humidity conditions within a storage facility.

Retention:  5 years.

GASC-08-004 | Open Records Act Requests and Correspondence

Description:  Inquiries from members of the public requesting access to information under the Georgia Open Records Act.

Retention:  3 years.

GASC-08-005 | Records Schedules

Description:  Copies of approved agency records retention schedules.

Retention:  5 years after superseded.

GASC-08-006 | Records Transmittal Records

Description:  Records documenting the transfer of agency records into the custody of a records center facility.

Retention:  Permanent Records: Retain in office; Temporary Records: 5 years after disposition of transferred record.

GASC-08-007 | Reference Requests

Description:  Reference pull sheets documenting the retrieval of records from a records center facility.

Retention:  4 years.

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