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CATEGORY:  ADMINISTRATION (02)   [ Total entries: 22 (showing 20 per page) ]

GASC-02-001A and GASC-02-001B | Administrative Rules Records

Description:  Records documenting reviews and changes to administrative rules.

Retention:  (GASC-02-001A) Final rule: Permanent; (GASC-02-001B) Other records: Retain for useful life.

Updated:  April 21, 2022

GASC-02-003 | Annual Reports

Description:  Annual reports that summarize agency functions and activities.

Retention:  Permanent

Updated:  October 15, 2015

GASC-02-007 | Broadcast Logs

Description:  Records documenting agency daily broadcast activities.

Retention:  Logs relating to a disaster or investigated by the FCC: Retain until authorized by FCC to destroy; Other logs: 2 years.

GASC-02-004 | Correspondence, Administrative

Description:  This series includes communications received or sent that document significant events and/or the development of administrative structure, policy, procedures, and the historical development of the office.

Retention:  Permanent.

GASC-02-005 | Correspondence, General

Description:  This series includes correspondence that documents formal decisions regarding routine matters.

Retention:  5 years.

GASC-02-006 | Crisis or Disaster Records

Description:  Records documenting events and damages to an agency's property due to storms, riots, fires, drought, floods, and other acts affecting the agency facilities; may include photos, logs, reports, notes, and correspondence.

Retention:  Records that document a lasting change to agency property or activities: Permanent; Other: See applicable retention schedule.

GASC-02-002 | Executive Level Administrative Files

Description:  This series includes the records of an agency's director, deputy director, and division directors. Records with historical value include memoranda, reports, and other documentation concerning the administration of policy, coordination of agency functions, and management of program activity. Records of a routine or non-substantive nature that do not document policy decisions or significant programmatic and functional activities.

Retention:  Records that document policy, coordination of agency functions, and management of program activity: Permanent; Other recs: 5 yr.

GASC-02-008 | Federal and State Grant Reports

Description:  Final narrative summary submitted according to grant requirements of the funding agency.

Retention:  Permanent.

GASC-02-009 | Legal Case Files

Description:  Documents the work of the agency legal counsel in advising and representing the agency.

Retention:  6 years after settlement of case.

GASC-02-010 | Legal Opinions

Description:  Interpretations of the law and an agency's compliance with the law by the Attorney General or other legal counsel.

Retention:  Until superseded.

GASC-02-011 | Legislative Relations Records

Description:  This series may be used to review and plan institutional positions on legislative activities. This series may include but is not limited to: final reports; bill review and tracking records; copies of legislation; and working papers.

Retention:  Final reports: Permanent; All other records: Retain for useful life.

GASC-02-012 | Lobbyist Records

Description:  This series documents the activities of agency employees who engage in lobbying the state. Records may include: lobbyist registration statement forms; lobbyist termination forms; lobbyist expenditure report forms; lobbyist listings; and salary information.

Retention:  5 years.

GASC-02-013 | Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Packets

Description:  Records documenting proposed and executed proceedings of agency meetings.

Retention:  Approved Minutes, Agenda, and Final Packet: Permanent; Notes and records used to create the approved minutes and supporting documentation: Retain until minutes are approved.

GASC-02-014 | News Release Records

Description:  This series documents newsworthy events of the agency. This series may include but is not limited to news releases issued by agency news and communications units arranged by topic and/or date of issue.

Retention:  10 years.

GASC-02-015 | Periodic Reports

Description:  Reports that describe the agency's functions and activities and include quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily reports. Note: does not include annual reports (GASC-02-003).

Retention:  Reports that are summarized in an agency's annual report: Retain until Annual Report is completed; Other reports: 2 years.

GASC-02-016 | Photographs, Videos, and Films

Description:  Films, videos, photographs, and other visual representations of agency public service announcements, events, productions, promotional, tourism, training, and property.

Retention:  Final Product: Permanent; Other: 5 years; Copies and poor images: Useful life.

GASC-02-017 | Policies and Procedures

Description:  Standard operating practice for business processes.

Retention:  Policies that affect the public: Permanent; Policies that do not affect the public: 3 years after superseded.

GASC-02-018 | Printing Service Files

Description:  Records relating to printing requests, cost estimates, mock-ups, proofs, and printing plates.

Retention:  Retain for useful life.

GASC-02-019 | Publications

Description:  Newsletters, handbooks, pamphlets, and brochures published by an agency.

Retention:  Permanent.

GASC-02-022 | Roster of Authorized Professionals

Description:  Annual roster of certified/licensed/ professionals operating in Georgia.

Retention:  Permanent

Updated:  April 21, 2022

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