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Public Safety, Department of

Total entries: 92   (Listed alphabetically by title)

0466-04-004 | Drug Seizure Reports

Description:  Reports related to drug seizures. Included is information relating to the types of drugs seized and the weight/amount of drugs seized.

Retention:  7 years

0466-04-020 | Drug Testing Records - Equipment Calibration

Description:  Equipment calibration and other records related to the administration of alcohol and controlled substances testing programs.

Retention:  7 years

0466-04-002 | Duty Roster (by month)-Posts and Troop Command

Description:  Sworn members' duty assignments. Includes GPS, MCCD, and Capitol Police.

Retention:  7 years

0466-06-010 | Emergency Light Permits (Amber, Red & Blue)

Description:  Documents related to emergency light permits.

Retention:  3 years

0466-04-001 | Emergency Relay

Description:  These records document the agency providing assistance in emergency relays. Emergency relays include the transport of various items such as blood and other organs. Includes Communication Emergency Relay Log.

Retention:  3 years

0466-04-031 | Enforcement Photographs

Description:  Photographs from any type of enforcement action

Retention:  7 years

0466-03-008 | Ethics

Description:  Forms and files which document items given to agency personnel that are valued over $25. The department is required to maintain a record of the item, who received it, if it was accepted, and its value.

Retention:  Retain for useful life

0466-05-006 | Evidence Forms

Description:  Records documenting the management of evidence. Includes the Chain of Custody Report; Evidence Storage Area Visitors Log; Storage Area Inventory Report; Release of Evidence Property Record

Retention:  5 years after disposition of property

0466-05-016 | Fatality Reports

Description:  Synopsis of fatal traffic crashes

Retention:  Daily: Transfer to Dept. of Transportation. DPS copy maintained for 2 years

0466-06-006 | Firearm Permits

Description:  Database; Application; Federal Permit and Receipt for the federal permit program. (GPS's participation is ending; therefore, these records are no longer being created.)

Retention:  4 years

0466-01-005 | Fitness for Duty Evaluation Logs

Description:  List of employees referred for evaluation

Retention:  Retain for Useful Life

0466-01-003 | General Orders

Description:  A permanent written directive concerned with policy, rules, and procedures affecting more than one component of the Department.

Retention:  Permanent

0466-06-008 | Hazardous Material Permit Access Database (Trip)

Description:  Documents related to hazardous material permits for trips. Permits are required for those carrying hazardous materials to disposal sites or to other locations for use.

Retention:  3 years

0466-06-009 | Hazardous Material Permit Hardcopies & Access Database (Annual)

Description:  Documents related to hazardous material annual permits. Permits are required for those carrying hazardous materials to disposal sites or to other locations for use.

Retention:  3 years

0466-04-015 | Household Goods Program Records

Description:  Records documenting the activities of the Household Goods Program which issues certificates to and audits the compliance of for-hire carriers of household goods which operate in the state. This unit maintains records of the carrier including insurance filings, initial applications, inspections, and audits.

Retention:  3 years

0466-05-007 | Incident Report

Description:  Reports of incidents of suspected criminal activity investigated by sworn members

Retention:  7 years

0466-03-003 | Intergovernmental (Non-Reality) Agreements

Description:  User agreements between DPS and other governmental agencies. An example is a local agency wants to place its equipment on a DPS-owned tower to improve the locality's communications.

Retention:  7 years

0466-05-005 | Intox Slips

Description:  Reports maintained on individuals given breath tests to determine alcohol level

Retention:  7 years

0466-04-011 | K-9 Records

Description:  Records relating to canines owned by the Department. Includes medical and training records.

Retention:  4 years after dog leaves unit

0466-04-025 | Law Enforcement Officers Killed Nationally In the Line of Duty

Description:  List of law enforcement officers killed/assaulted around the country. DPS sends representatives to the funerals of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Includes the names of the officers killed and a summary of what happened.

Retention:  3 years

0466-03-010 | Legal Updates-Bulletin

Description:  Monthly newsletters which include information on recent court cases and how their outcomes affect the department's work, changes in the law, and reminders of department policies and procedures.

Retention:  Permanent; Retain 1 copy

0466-03-009 | Legislative Updates

Description:  Annual Report of legislation that affects DPS

Retention:  Retain for useful life

0466-04-030 | Liability Waiver Access to Department Motor Vehicle

Description:  Waiver form for liability related to Departmental vehicles.

Retention:  3 years

0466-03-001 | Litigation

Description:  The records document when a law enforcement officer requests the department to assist them with legal representation. These requests result from actions that occur in the line of duty. Includes Request for Representation (Policy Exhibit 8.03-1).

Retention:  10 years after separation

0466-04-026 | Lost, Stolen, Damaged, or Destroyed Property Form

Description:  Notification of lost, stolen, destroyed, or damaged property owned by DPS through the chain of command. Property damaged or destroyed in the line of duty is replaced by the department, officers must replace items damaged or destroyed while not on duty. Includes a description of the property and how the damage occurred.

Retention:  7 years

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