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Public Safety, Department of

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0466-01-001 | LTD (Limited) Memorandums

Description:  Channels for correspondence of limited effect and distribution. May also be used as forerunners for policy changes.

Retention:  Permanent

0466-06-003 | MCCD Inspection Reports (Related to Investigations)

Description:  Documentation of the commercial vehicle safety inspection and a record of any and all violations discovered during the inspection.

Retention:  7 years

0466-04-029 | Monthly Activity Reports

Description:  Reports of monthly activities of MCCD units and individual officers and CPS officers. Information includes mileage driven, number of arrests, number of warnings, number of crashes worked, and number of inspections performed (MCCD-only).

Retention:  3 years

0466-06-004 | Monthly Inspection Reports

Description:  Permits and inspections of officers, their patrol cars, and their equipment to ensure they are following regulations. Includes officers' name and violations.

Retention:  3 years

0466-04-034 | NCIC/GCIC Record Book

Description:  Record of NCIC/GCIC usage.

Retention:  5 years

0466-04-014 | Non-Consensual Towing Records

Description:  Records documenting the activities of the Non-Consensual Towing Unit which issues permits to carriers for non-consensual towing and audits the carriers for compliance of the laws and tariff. This Unit maintains records of the Carrier including insurance filings, initial application, complaints, and audits.

Retention:  3 years

0466-01-012 | Outside Employment Requests

Description:  Request for Outside Employment

Retention:  Retain until Employmee Separates from Dept.

0466-04-003 | Parental Notification Program

Description:  Notification of parents when their teenaged driver receives a driving citation or warning.

Retention:  3 years

0466-04-016 | Passenger Carrier Program Records

Description:  Records documenting the activities of the Passenger Carrier Program which issues for hire carriers of passenger, passenger permits, and passenger certificates (how many passengers can ride at a time based on vehicle capacity). This unit maintains records of the carrier including insurance filings, initial applications, inspections, and audits.

Retention:  3 years

0466-01-007 | Peer Support Team Operational Records

Description:  The records document the events that peer team members respond to and their training and certification activities. A peer support team is a group of employees who are trained to help in critical incident stress management techniques. They assist fellow employees, their families, and other law enforcement personnel in the aftermath of critical incidents.

Retention:  5 years

0466-05-022 | Polygraph Medical Questionnaires

Description:  Forms used to gather medical information on polygraph participants.

Retention:  2 years

0466-05-021 | Polygraph Sign-In Sheets

Description:  Forms used to sign-in polygraph participants.

Retention:  2 years

0466-04-033 | Post Blotter

Description:  Record of post activities, particularly of noteworthy incidents that occur.

Retention:  Retain for useful life

0466-05-013 | Pursuit Critique

Description:  The form used for pursuit critiques. Information included is the necessity of the pursuit and lessons learned.

Retention:  7 years

0466-06-005 | Radar Permits

Description:  The original resolution and original Dept. of Transportation approved road lists, as well as updates to the road list. Additional records such as applications, officer certifications, calibration records and radio station frequency license.

Retention:  Resolution, original application documents, database and road list - retain in office. Additional records - 6 years

0466-04-005 | Radar/LIDAR Test Log

Description:  The form used to track tests conducted of the Radar/LIDAR devices.

Retention:  7 years

0466-03-006 | Record Restriction

Description:  Formerly called expungment. When a court allows for a person's records to be expunged, the court notifies GPS, which then removes information concerning the individual from GCIC.

Retention:  3 years

0466-05-015 | Records Documenting Unusual Occurrences

Description:  An unusual occurrence happens when officers respond to an atypical incident. An example of one is an officer having to kill an alligator to protect residents. These records summarize what happened.

Retention:  3 years

0466-04-028 | Region 10 New Entrant Employees TDR

Description:  Documents how the MCCD officers'' time is distributed amongst various duties. The time spent is reported to the federal government, so payment may be received for federally funded duties. These documents are for basic MCSAP grants.

Retention:  3 years

0466-01-014 | Request for Transfer

Description:  Form DPS-497; list of current transfer requests

Retention:  List: Retain for Useful Life; Form Retain in personnel file

0466-04-006 | Ride Along Waiver

Description:  The waiver form for ride alongs. Ride alongs are arrangements for civilians and law enforcement trainees to ride along in an emergency vehicle as observers.

Retention:  2 years

0466-04-021 | Roadblock Records

Description:  Records documenting roadblocks including approval Roadblock Approval Forms and Roadblock Final Report, which summarizes what happened during the roadblock.

Retention:  7 years

0466-03-007 | Safety Responsibility Cases

Description:  In the event an uninsured motorist fails to satisfy a claim for damage resulting from a motor vehicle accident, and a claim is filed against them under the Safety Responsibility Act, they will receive an order from DDS suspending their license. The records relate to claims when the damage results from a crash with a department owned vehicle. 1 year after general release

Retention:  Legal

0466-06-002 | School Bus Inspection Report

Description:  Reports created related to school bus inspections. Buses must be inspected annually and cannot be used until all issues cited in the inspection are resolved.

Retention:  3 years

0466-04-007 | SCRT

Description:  Records and reports generated by the State Collision Reconstruction team (SCRT); lesson plans; Data Files (Total Station, Airbag Module, Crash Zone Files).

Retention:  7 years

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