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Ports Authority, Georgia

Total entries: 81   (Listed alphabetically by title)

1978-0247 | Accounts Receivable Computer Printout Files

Description:  Application to daily cash receipts and customer accounts.

Retention:  1.5 years after audits are completed.

0000-0110 | Annual Wage Summary Files

Description:  Employee wage summary of the Georgia Ports Authority.

Retention:  2 years after audit.

1983-0833 | Associations and Conferences (Reference File)

Description:  Non-active port-related associations and conferences.

Retention:  9 years.

1979-0138 | Backup of Operations’ Reports Files

Description:  Collecting backup information for formation of various reports in Operations.

Retention:  1 year.

1979-0013 | Batch Reports File

Description:  Deleting containers and related information from computer files

Retention:  3 years.

1979-0004 | Benefits Hours Register File

Description:  Accrued benefits for all employees of G.P.A.

Retention:  2 years.

1979-0148 | Bulk Facility Car Reports File

Description:  Reporting arrival of rail cars and disposition for unloading and releasing rail cars.

Retention:  2 years.

1978-0234A | Chief of Port Police Activity Report Files

Description:  General dock security and Port facilities security.

Retention:  1 year

1978-0235 | Chief of Port Police Gate Registers

Description:  Security control at Port facilities.

Retention:  2 years

1978-0236A | Chief of Port Police Official Reports of Damages or Accidents

Description:  Any reports of damages, accidents or incidents occurring on the Port facilities.

Retention:  4 years

1978-0237 | Chief of Port Police Radio Dispatcher’s Activity Sheets

Description:  General security of Port facilities at Garden City Terminal and Ocean Terminal.

Retention:  1 year

1978-0238 | Chief of Port Police Vehicle Pass File

Description:  Control of vehicle access to Port facilities.

Retention:  3 years.

1978-0241A | Closed and Inactive Claims

Description:  Damages to property, cargo and personal injuries.

Retention:  12 years.

1987-0009 | Closed Employee Suit File

Description:  Employee law suits against Georgia Ports Authority.

Retention:  50 years.

0000-0114 | Collection Files

Description:  All financial activities of the Georgia Ports Authority.

Retention:  Retain until payment of invoice.

1985-0049 | Commodity Rate Quotation Correspondence File (Commodity File)

Description:  Rates quoted for handling various commodities through the Port.

Retention:  5 years.

0000-0113 | Company Credit Files

Description:  Financial activities of the Georgia Ports Authority

Retention:  Retain until company no longer conducts business with Georgia Ports Authority (Retain Summary Card)

1980-0360A | Construction Project Files

Description:  Administering Construction Projects.

Retention:  30 years after completion of project. Evaluate before destruction for possible Permanent retention.

1983-0834 | Construction Projects (Reference File)

Description:  Construction projects completed by the Georgia Ports Authority.

Retention:  9 years.

1978-0243A | Credit Union Transaction Files

Description:  Maintaining a record of transactions of individual members of G.P.A. Credit Union and activities between Credit Union and banks.

Retention:  6 years.

1979-0014A | Custom Release Files

Description:  Maintaining a record of containers to be drayed to U. S. Customs by the G.P.A.

Retention:  7 years.

1980-0361 | Customer Account Files

Description:  Future growth and past record of trade for G.P.A.

Retention:  10 years.

1979-0139 | Customer Correspondence File

Description:  Correspondence with all customers relating to disputed charges, rates, claims, etc. Duplicates maintained in individual ship files or claim files (if claim is filed).

Retention:  3 years.

1985-0057 | Director of Administration’s Subject Files

Description:  The administration of alI departments listed above.

Retention:  3 years.

1978-0239 | Employee Injury File

Description:  Accidents involving employees of Georgia Ports Authority which are not filed with State Board of Workmen's Compensation.

Retention:  2 years.

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