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Community Health, Department of

Total entries: 40   (Listed alphabetically by title)

1978-0089 | Administration Division Director’s Subject Files

Description:  Documents formulating and administering the policies and procedures of the Administrative Division.

Retention:  Permanent

1978-0273 | Alternative Health Services Client Files, 1976-1981

Description:  Documents providing an evaluation of the effectiveness of alternative health services provided to Medicaid receipients.

Retention:  Permanent

1978-0272 | Alternative Health Services Payment Files, 1976-1981

Description:  Records of expenses incurred by Medicaid recipients for services provided by the Alternative Health Services Project.

Retention:  Destroy

1978-0271 | Alternative Health Services Subject Files, 1976-1981

Description:  Documents relating to the research, planning, and implementation of the Alternative Health Service Program.

Retention:  Permanent

1990-0124 | Annual Premium

Description:  Employee requests to pay health benefits directly.

Retention:  2 years

1990-0123 | Application for Enrollment (or Change) in Health Benefit Coverage and Notification of Denial

Description:  Denied Actions for health benefit coverage.

Retention:  1 year

1983-0853 | Assistants to the Commissioner Files

Description:  Records of the commissioner's assistants. There are two assistants to the commissioner. One serves as the commissioner's advisor in areas of program and policy. The other serves as the commissioner's advisor in the areas of administration and operations.

Retention:  Permanent

1980-0402 | Benefits Payments Cancelled Check Files

Description:  Checks documenting payments to Medicaid providers.

Retention:  7 years

1979-0012-04 | Cervical Cancer Screening Program Files - District Offices & County Health Dept.s

Description:  Document relating to maintaining records of results for the Cervical Cancer Screening Program.

Retention:  Negative Results: 3 years; Questionable & Positive Results: 5 years after patient is no longer in program, has reached the age 75 or has died. Statistical reports: 4 years

1979-0012-04 | Cervical Cancer Screening Program Files - Family Health Director’s Office

Description:  Monthly reports of selected information from forms 3150, 3151, and 3152.

Retention:  Permanent

1977-0278A | Commissioner’s Subject Files

Description:  Documents relating to the operations of and formulation of policy for the department.

Retention:  Permanent

1989-0053 | Coordination of Health Benefit Audit Files

Description:  Audit and investigation of individual health benefit claim payments which involve coordination of benefits with other insurance plans. At times payments are made when the State Health Benefit Plan is erroneously considered, at payment date, to be primary payor.

Retention:  1 year

1983-0852A | Deputy Commissioner’s Files

Description:  The deputy commissioner serves as the commissioner's executive assistant and functions as the commissioner in the commissioner's absence. This series documents the actions of the deputy in the operation and management of the department.

Retention:  Permanent

1990-0118 | Documentation for Health Benefit Coverage - Dependent Student Status

Description:  Eligible dependent health beneifts coverage.

Retention:  3 years

1991-0021 | Flex Insurance Claims Files

Description:  Claims for Insurance benefits.

Retention:  3 years or until state audit is completed, whichever is longer

1978-0013A | Fraud and Abuse Investigation Files

Description:  Records documenting the investigation of possible fraud and abuse of the Medical Assistance Program.

Retention:  8 years

1984-0056 | Health Benefit Forms Transmittal Batches

Description:  Entering data into the computer concerning initial enrollment and subsequent changes in coverage or dependent information for members of the State Health Benefit Plan.

Retention:  1 year

1990-0120 | Health Insurance Enrollment Form and Supporting Documentation for Members in Leave Without Pay Statu

Description:  Employee insurance coverage in leave without pay status,

Retention:  4 years

0419-0002 | Inactive/Closed State Medical Education Board Scholarship Records

Description:  This series documents the historical reference on scholarship recipients for the county/rural doctors program.

Retention:  5 years

1978-0207A | Medicaid Eligibility and Expenditure Reports

Description:  Records maintaining a Medicaid recipient eligibility list and documenting payment of claims to Medicaid providers.

Retention:  Security Copy (original): 7 years; Medicaid Library Copy: 3 years; All other copies: retain for useful life

1975-0085A | Medicaid Hospital Reimbursable Cost Report Files

Description:  Records documenting the audit of annual reimbursable cost reports submitted by hospital participants of the Medicaid Program.

Retention:  7 years

1975-0086A | Medicaid Nursing Home Reimbursable Cost Report Files

Description:  Records documenting the audit of annual reimbursable cost reports submitted by nursing home participants of the Medicaid Program.

Retention:  5 years

1982-0077 | Medicaid Provider Agreement Files, Inactive

Description:  Records documenting a Medicaid provider's agreement to participate in the Georgia Medicaid Program.

Retention:  5 years

1979-0068 | Medicaid Refund Payment Files

Description:  Records of over-payments made to Medicaid providers and the subsequent refunding of these over-payments to the department.

Retention:  4 years

1981-0368 | Nursing Home Deceased Patient Files

Description:  Documents relating to the monitoring of and changes to a patient's level of care in a nursing home.

Retention:  4 years

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