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Community Health, Department of

Total entries: 40   (Listed alphabetically by title)

1981-0394 | Nursing Home Onsite Review Files

Description:  Records documenting the supervision of nursing home to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations governing participation in the Medicaid Program.

Retention:  Official copy: 4 years then sample per instructions. Reference copies: 2 years

1980-0271 | Office of Special Services’ Legal Files

Description:  Records of all departmental hearings of appeals concerning providers and recipients of medical assistance benefits; and third party liability case records.

Retention:  8 years after case is closed

1978-0001 | Operations Division Director’s Subject Files

Description:  ocuments formulating and administering the policies and procedures of the Operations Division.

Retention:  Permanent

0419-0001 | Physician Profile Questionnaires

Description:  Documents relating to information gathered from physician for profile; includes profile questionnaire

Retention:  5 years

1978-0100A | Prior Authorization Claims Files

Description:  Records authorizing payment for all medical services and equipment rendered by Medicaid providers to Medicaid recipients.

Retention:  3 years

1978-0002 | Program Management Division Director’s Subject Files

Description:  ocuments formulating and administering the policies and procedures of the Program Management Division.

Retention:  Permanent

1998-0058 | Quality Assurance/Utlization Review Files

Description:  Quarlity Assurance/Utlization Review Audits are performed on an on-going basis for all waivered service providers. This audits are performed by Medicaid program specialists based on state and federal regulations.

Retention:  4 years

1975-0226A | Quality Control Review Files

Description:  Records documenting the review of random samples of Medicaid cases to verify eligibility status, correctness of claims payments, and third party liability recovery efforts.

Retention:  3 years

1990-0126 | Quarterly Premiums for Retirees or Surviving Spouse/Dependent(s)

Description:  Health benefits coverage.

Retention:  4 years

1990-0119 | Repeals to Health Benefits Coverage Transactions

Description:  Corrections made t o records which document the health benefits coverage of members.

Retention:  2 years

1990-0125 | Retiree and Disability Retiree Coverage

Description:  Applications for insurance coverage.

Retention:  4 years

0419-0005 | Ryan White CARE Program Files

Description:  Records documenting the state's participation in the Ryan White CARE Program. The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act is Federal legislation that addresses the unmet health needs of persons living with HIV disease by funding primary health care and support services that enhance access to and retention in care.

Retention:  Retain 7 years past date of patient's death; for children's records, retain for 3 years after the 21st birthday or 7 years after the death of patient, whichever comes later

1981-0149 | SHPDA Regulatory Project Files

Description:  Records documenting the approval or denial of applications for health care facilities. Approval must be sought to establish, construct, or renovate a health care facility.

Retention:  Permanent

1990-0121 | Step-Child Documentation for Health Benefit Coverage Dependent Step-Children

Description:  Coverage for dependent step-children.

Retention:  4 years

1984-0096 | Third Party Liability Case Files

Description:  Documents relating to the recovery of Medicaid funds from receipients having supplementary insurance or third party coverage.

Retention:  4 years

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