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Administrative Services, Department of

Total entries: 13   (Listed alphabetically by title)

0403-01-003 | Classified Employee Adverse Action Appeal Files

Description:  Documents relating to appeals of adverse action for classified employees.

Retention:  6 years

Updated:  April 27, 2021

1974-0291A | EDP Review Committee Files

Description:  Documents relating to reviewing and approving State agency requests for data processing and computing hardware and software.

Retention:  Permanent

0403-01-001 | Employee Suggestion Program, Incentive Compensation Plans, and Goal-Based Plans

Description:  Final documents submitted for consideration under any program the State Personnel Board establishes as an Employee Suggestion Program, Incentive Compensation Plan, or Goal-Based Plan as permitted under O.C.G.A. 45-21-1, et seq. to encourage state employees to improve the operation and perception of state government and its instrumentalities.

Retention:  2 years

Updated:  April 21, 2022

1976-0005 | Field Purchase Order Files

Description:  Documents relating to auditing departmental procedures for emergency purchases, field purchases and purchases of supplies or equipment on existing contract.

Retention:  1 year

1976-0164 | Interest File

Description:  Documents relating to the recording of State funds and interest earned at each bank.

Retention:  4 years

1989-0041 | Request for Bid Proposals

Description:  Documents relating to processing of a request proposal file.

Retention:  6.25 years

0403-01-002 | Risk Management Property Claim Files

Description:  Claims and lawsuits filed against insured state employees and/or insured state entities; various requests for legal advice or services; investigations conducted regarding claims and lawsuits.

Retention:  7 years after case closed.

Updated:  April 27, 2021

1978-0060A | Statewide Term Contract File

Description:  Documents relating to statewide contracts established by purchasing agents for use by State agencies.

Retention:  6 years

1976-0146 | Surplus Property Transfer File

Description:  Documents relating to transferring and disposing of surplus State property.

Retention:  Surplus Property File: 4 years; Surplus Property Transfer Form File: 1 year

1976-0147 | Surplus Tag Inventory Card File

Description:  Documents relating to controlling the inventory of the State property within the surplus property warehouse.

Retention:  30 days

1973-0156 | Vendor Credit Rating Files

Description:  Documents relating to the credit standing of vendors desiring to do business with the State.

Retention:  2 years

1988-0018 | Workers’ Compensation & Risk Management Cancelled Checks

Description:  Documents relating to disbursing monies for workers' compensation and self insurance claims.

Retention:  10 years

1995-0026 | Workers’ Indemnity and Medical Compensation Claim Case Files

Description:  Risk Management Services Workers' Compensation files

Retention:  10 years after case is closed.

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