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CATEGORY:  PROPERTY AND SECURITY (07)   [ Total entries: 28 (showing 20 per page) ]

GASC-07-001 | Blueprints and Specifications

Description:  Plans and specifications maintained by an agency for its own facility; used by facilities management to facilitate repairs and upgrades to the building.

Retention:  As Built plans and specifications: Permanent; Interim and Never Built plans and specifications: 7 years.

GASC-07-002 | Building/Grounds Maintenance, Remodeling, and Repair Records

Description:  Records documenting the condition, upkeep, and routine maintenance on agency facilities and grounds.

Retention:  7 years.

GASC-07-003 | Business Continuity Plans

Description:  Business recovery plans for man-made and natural disasters.

Retention:  Until superseded.

GASC-07-004 | Capital Construction Project Records

Description:  Records relating to the planning, administration, and implementation of capital construction projects; includes project descriptions and requirements, bid records, plan reviews, project schedules, contract changes, consultant contracts, and budgets.

Retention:  11 years after completion of project.

GASC-07-005 | Depreciation Schedules

Description:  Records documenting useful life and depreciation of agency-owned equipment and property, usually for insurance purposes.

Retention:  4 years.

GASC-07-006 | Employee Identification Records

Description:  Records documenting the issuance of employee identification cards, including restricted access.

Retention:  4 years after superseded or employee separation.

GASC-07-007 | Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance Records

Description:  Records documenting service history, mileage, damage repair, routine preventative maintenance and disposition of agency vehicles and equipment. Records type include warranties, operating manuals, service contracts, and service logs for maintenance of agency-owned equipment and vehicles etc.

Retention:  5 years after disposition of vehicle or equipment.

Updated:  April 05, 2017

GASC-07-008 | Facility Inspection Files and Reports

Description:  Records documenting inspection of facilities to comply with standards, rules, and codes affecting health and safety of the occupants; includes security and safety inspections.

Retention:  3 years.

GASC-07-009 | Federal Property Records

Description:  Records documenting the loan or lease of government equipment (federal) by state agencies.

Retention:  7 years after expiration of contract or disposal of equipment.

GASC-07-010 | Fuel and Oil Usage and Tax Reports

Description:  Periodic reports of the consumption of taxable and non-taxable diesel, gas, and oil in government-owned vehicles.

Retention:  3 years.

GASC-07-011 | Incident Reports

Description:  Reports of incidents of suspected criminal activity.

Retention:  Internal documentation and reports not reported to police: 5 yrs.; Reports reported to police: Retain until settlement of claims

GASC-07-013 | Insurance Policies

Description:  Records documenting insurance purchase for agency facilities or of membership in risk management cooperatives.

Retention:  7 years after expiration of policy or membership.

GASC-07-015 | Maintenance Work Orders

Description:  Records documenting routine maintenance on facilities and property.

Retention:  5 years.

GASC-07-014 | Property and Equipment Inventories

Description:  Listings of agency-owned property and equipment.

Retention:  5 years after superseded.

GASC-07-016 | Property Disposition Requests (Surplus Property Records)

Description:  Records documenting requests for change in status of state-owned property.

Retention:  5 years.

GASC-07-012 | Property Insurance Fund Claims

Description:  Records documenting requests for payment of insurance claims from the Georgia Department of Administrative Services Risk Management Division.

Retention:  5 years after claim is paid or denied.

GASC-07-017 | Real Property Ownership Records

Description:  Deeds, titles, purchasing records, and supporting documentation for land owned by an agency.

Retention:  11 years after the year in which the property was sold or transferred.

GASC-07-018 | Receipts of Responsibility

Description:  Records documenting property temporarily in use or possession of an employee.

Retention:  5 years.

GASC-07-019 | Security Access Records

Description:  Logs documenting when and who accessed restricted areas.

Retention:  5 years.

GASC-07-021 | Security Videos

Description:  Digital or analog video recordings and images from agency security systems. This series also includes digital or analog voice recordings of radio and telephone communications.

Retention:  Known Incident/Accident: Retain until settlement of claims; No known incident/accident: 30 days.

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