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CATEGORY:  PROPERTY AND SECURITY (07)   [ Total entries: 28 (showing 20 per page) ]

GASC-07-020 | Security/Fire System Install and Maintenance Records

Description:  Records documenting agency security and fire alarm systems.

Retention:  3 years after replacement of system.

GASC-07-022 | Space Planning/Design Management Project Files

Description:  Evaluation and design of space for government agencies.

Retention:  3 years after project completion.

GASC-07-023 | Vehicle Accident Reports

Description:  Records documenting damage to agency-owned vehicles.

Retention:  5 years.

GASC-07-025 | Vehicle and Equipment Purchases

Description:  Records documenting the purchase of equipment and vehicles.

Retention:  5 years after disposition of equipment.

GASC-07-026 | Vehicle Permits/Security Identification Records

Description:  Records documenting the issuance of vehicle decals providing access to secure areas.

Retention:  2 years after superseded.

GASC-07-027 | Vehicle Title Records

Description:  Records documenting agency ownership of vehicles.

Retention:  Applications: Retain until receipt of title. Title: Retain for duration of ownership.

Archival Instructions:  Vital Record - duplicate and store offsite

GASC-07-028 | Vehicle Use Authorizations and Requests

Description:  Records documenting permission for employees to use their private automobiles for official business.

Retention:  5 years after superseded or obsolete.

GASC-07-029 | Visitor Sign-in Logs

Description:  Visitor sign-in logs.

Retention:  1 year.

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