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Human Services, Department of

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0427-0023 | Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Health Records

Description:  WIC-associated health records; applies only to WIC health records kept separately from child health records (if WIC records are kept as part of child health records, follow schedule 427-017)

Retention:  Retain for 3 years past the end of calendar year in which date of last service occurred

Vital Record:  FALSE

1977-0187 | Workmen’s Compensation Claim Files

Description:  Processing claims by employees for injuries and/or disabilities received at their job.

Retention:  5 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

1973-0315 | X-Ray Film File (Common Standard)

Description:  (X-ray film) relating to the examination and diagnosis of patients at hospitals, clinics, and facilities of the State of Georgia.

Retention:  7 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

1982-0384 | Zero Based Budget Files

Description:  Projecting, analyzing, and estimating the annual budget for the Department of Human Resources.

Retention:  Office of Budget Services, Institutional/Division Budget Offices: 5 years. Section/Unit Budget Offices: 1 year

Vital Record:  FALSE

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