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Human Services, Department of

Total entries: 328   (Listed alphabetically by title)

1973-0214 | Abnormal Hemoglobin Test Report File


Retention:  2 years

1973-0496A | Absent Parent Locator/Recovery Files

Description:  Locating absent parents of children receiving Public Assistance and to collecting child support monies from such parents.

Retention:  Unlocated parent: Retain until determination that parent cannot be located. Located parent: 1 year after child's eligibility for public assistance is terminated.

1979-0166A | Accounting Records for Child Support Enforcement

Description:  Collecting payments from deserting parents for support of their child(ren), who receive public assistance; and distributing those funds to the proper authorities.

Retention:  See original documentation

0427-0016 | Adult Client Health Records

Description:  Records pertaining to clients older than 18 years of age

Retention:  10 years from date of last service

1986-0085M | Adverse Actions and Other Disciplinary Action Files

Description:  Recording disciplinary and adverse actions taken against DHR employees.

Retention:  5 years after case is completed and no further action anticipated.

1973-0432A | Alcohol and Drug Abuse Client and Program Medical Records File

Description:  Maintaining a weekly report of patient activity for all patients receiving treatment from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program.

Retention:  Record Copy: 2.5 years. Reference Copy: 1 year.

1973-0433A | Alcohol and Drug Abuse Client Outpatient Case Record File

Description:  Treating alcohol and drug abuse clients/outpatients in the alcohol and drug treatment centers.

Retention:  35 years after all records are found to be in order at the treatment center to which client was referred

1973-0218 | Alcohol Receipt and Distribution File


Retention:  3 years

Legal Citation:  CFR Title 26, Section 213, p. 175

1994-0028 | Annual Equipment Inventory Files


Retention:  Material Management Section: 5 years. Other offices: Retain until no longer needed for audit or administration.

1982-0064 | Annual Retirement Totals Reports (PAC-6008)

Description:  Balancing salary and retirement contribution totals on computer tape with the summary totals for the year.

Retention:  4 years

1977-0111 | Appalachian Health and Child Development Finance and Budget Monitoring Files

Description:  Monitoring contracted organizations to determine compliance with Appalachian Regional Development Act regulations.

Retention:  5 years

1986-0086 | Applicant/Employee Criminal Records Check Files

Description:  Researching and recording criminal history of applicants and employees in classes of positions or designated positions within classes with direct care/treatment/custody responsibilities for DHR clients.

Retention:  Record and Reference copies: 4 years

1979-0142 | Approval of Service Provider for Foster Care/Day Care Files

Description:  Approving service providers for foster care/day care.

Retention:  See original documentation.

1974-0188 | Approved Medicaid Hospital Claims Files

Description:  Requests to the Medical Care Foundation from hospitals for payment by the Department for services provided to patients who were required to remain in hospitals for a longer period of time than the normal limits established by the Department.

Retention:  4 years

1979-0044 | Audit Adjustment Reports


Retention:  5 years

1983-0830 | Audits Performed by Internal Staff Files

Description:  Auditing, by Office of Audits staff, to determine accuracy of funds collected and expended for respective DHR programs in Georgia counties State-wide.

Retention:  5 years

1983-0831 | Audits Performed by Outside Agencies Files

Description:  Auditing (by outside agencies - other than DHR Office of Audits staff) DHR units and programs which may be: a financial unit to determine financial accountability, or a performance audit to determine operation efficiency and effectiveness.

Retention:  5 years

1979-0143 | Authorization of Foster Care Case Files

Description:  Reviewing forms, received from counties State-wide, concerned with authorizing foster care for children who need this service.

Retention:  Accounting, District/County Offices: 3 years or until audit questions have been resolved. Monthly prinout: Retain for useful life.

1973-0215 | Bacteriology Test Report File


Retention:  2 years

0000-0230 | Bank Deposit Slip/Bank Statement/Account Reconciliation Files

Description:  Monitoring bank accounts.

Retention:  5 years or until unresolved claims/audits are resolved, whichever is longer

1973-0004 | Blind Vending Stand Equipment Files

Description:  Business enterprise for the blind and severely handicapped of the state.

Retention:  5 years

1977-0449 | Blind Workers’ Personnel Case Files

Description:  Maintaining individual personnel records for each blind worker employed at State facilities.

Retention:  50 years after termination of employment

1973-0213 | Blood Sugar Determination Test Report File


Retention:  2 years

1976-0152 | Board of Family and Children Services County Member Appointment Files

Description:  Appointments to County Boards of Departments of Family and Children Services.

Retention:  Record copy: Permanent. District offices: See original documentation for retention.

1976-0151 | Board of Health County Member Appointment Files

Description:  Appointments, by County Grand Jury, of members to the County Board of Health.

Retention:  Record copy of Register: Permanent. Papers and District offices: See original documentation for retention.

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