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Community Affairs, Department of

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0428-0051 | Service Delivery Strategies

Description:  The purpose of the Service Delivery Strategy is to provide a flexible framework for local governments and authorities to agree on service delivery agreementts; to minimize any duplication of competition between those providing services; and to provide a method of resolving disputes among service providers regarding service delivery, funding equality, and land use.

Retention:  10 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

1997-0035 | Single Family Lender and Servicer Files

Description:  Low interest first mortgage loans and down payment assistance loans to low and moderate income home buyers.

Retention:  40 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

1987-0030A | Single Family Mortgage Files

Description:  Documents relating to the review, approval, funding, pay off, and management of Single Family Program loans. Included are: original mortgage notes, deeds, transfer and assignments, title policies, mortgage insurance documents, surveys; copies of appraisals, credit reports, employment and deposit verifications, loan applications; and originals of GHFA forms required to prove eligibility.

Retention:  40 years

Updated:  March 25, 1996

0428-0059 | Solid Waste Planning Files

Description:  Records related to Solid Waste Management Plans and Solid Waste Management Plan Short Term Work Program Updates, submitted by local governments every ten and five years, respectively.

Retention:  Permanent

Legal Citation:  OCGA 12-8-20

Vital Record:  FALSE

0428-0027 | State Funded Economic Development Programs-Denied Applications

Description:  Documents denied or withdrawn applications for the programs of the Office of Economic Development

Retention:  6 years after the end of the calendar year in which the application is denied

Vital Record:  FALSE

0428-0025 | State Home Mortgage Foreclosed Loans

Description:  Documents related to foreclosed loans.

Retention:  7 years after the end of the calendar year in which the loan is foreclosed

Vital Record:  FALSE

1998-0012-02 | State Home Mortgage Paid-Off Loan Files

Description:  State Home Mortgage, Georgia Housing and Finance Authority (GHFA) in-house loan servicing.

Retention:  Life of mortgage plus 4 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

0428-0013 | State Home Mortgage Paid-Off Loans


Retention:  7 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

0428-0024 | State-Funded Economic Development Programs Records

Description:  Documents the programs of the Office of Economic Development which provide state funded grants and tax credits to local governments, development authorities, regional development centers, and businesses.

Retention:  15 years after submission of final expenditure report

Vital Record:  FALSE

0428-0022 | Tax Credit Allocations


Retention:  35 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

1973-0577 | Tourism Prospects Files

Description:  Documents relating to tourist attractions, consultants, and travel investment prospects

Retention:  1 year

Vital Record:  FALSE

1973-0576 | Tourism Research Information Files

Description:  Documents relating to tourist attractions and tourism generally

Retention:  5 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

0428-0064 | Water Resources Program Files

Description:  Records related to the DCA Water Resources program.

Retention:  10 years

Vital Record:  FALSE

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