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LG-06-020 | School Bus Drivers Physical Exams

Description:  This schedule contains physical examinations of bus drivers to ensure that they meet the health requirements to drive a school bus.

Retention:  2 years or until replaced with new certificate, whichever is longer.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-018 | School Bus Schedules

Description:  This schedule contains information about schedules, timing, and distance for individual buses.

Retention:  1 year or until superseded

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-003A and LG-06-003B | School Censuses

Description:  This schedule contains a compilation of numbers of school-aged children.

Retention:  (LG-06-003A) 2012 and Prior: Permanent; (LG-06-003B) Post-2012: Retain for useful life.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-013A and LG-06-013B | School Handbooks

Description:  This schedule contains handbooks documenting school operating procedures; content, objectives, and evaluation criteria for school courses, including adult and community education programs; and behavior policies/codes of conduct. Also included in this schedule are parental and student confirmations of receipt of the materials.

Retention:  (LG-06-013A) Handbooks: Permanent; (LG-06-013B) Confirmations of receipt: Retain until the end of the school year.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-050 | School Psychologist/Psychometrist Student Files

Description:  This schedule contains records, such as evaluations, created by the school system psychologist or psychometrist.

Retention:  5 years

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-062A, B, and C | School Social Worker and Visiting Teacher Records

Description:  These records are created by school social workers or visiting teachers, including records related to individual students, such as DFACS referrals, residency verifications, annual reports, threat assessments, and statistical reports of caseload.

Retention:  (LG-06-062A) Records related to individual students: Retain until student turns 21; (LG-06-062B) Annual reports: 15 years; (LG-06-062C) Periodic reports: 3 years

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-026A and LG-06-026B | School System Rezoning Records

Description:  This schedule contains documents relating to revising student attendance zones to maximize the use of school facilities.

Retention:  (LG-06-026A) Approved Plan: Permanent; (LG-06-026B) All other records: 3 years

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-032 | Section 504 Plans

Description:  These records document the school’s compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which requires students with disabilities to receive an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. These records may include applications, documentation, evaluations of disability, and student 504 plans.

Retention:  5 years after the termination of the 504 Plan.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-031 | Special Education Program Documentation

Description:  This schedule contains core documentation of admission criteria and requirements for the Special Education Program.

Retention:  Permanent.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-068 | Standardized Test Results

Description:  This schedule contains records documenting the administration and Individual students' test results of state-required standardized student testing programs.

Retention:  3 years after posting results to student record.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-067 | Standardized Test Summary Reports

Description:  This schedule contains records documenting state-required standardized student test summaries showing overall school or system results.

Retention:  10 years.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-053 | Student Discipline Records

Description:  These records document disciplinary actions against individual students while enrolled in the school system. Records may include office referrals, teacher reports, incident reports, Due Process Disciplinary Hearing Files, audio/video recordings, and evidence.

Retention:  Retain until student turns 22.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-004 | Student Excuses

Description:  Communications from a student's parent or guardian to indicate why the student is absent.

Retention:  Retain until end of school year.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-047 | Student Health Records

Description:  This schedule contains records documenting student health information, including clinic visits, clinic distribution of medications, Student Health Management Plans, suicide ideation forms, and health exams for extracurricular activities.

Retention:  2 years after graduation or date of last attendance

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-042 | Student Parking Records

Description:  This schedule contains records documenting students' permission to park a vehicle on campus. This may include vehicle information, tag number, driver's license number, and decal number.

Retention:  Retain until superseded or student graduates/leaves school.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-035A and LG-06-035B | Student Records, District Created

Description:  This schedule contains the official record of the individual students for their period of enrollment at school.

Retention:  (LG-06-035A) Transcripts: Permanent; (LG-06-035B) All other documents: 80 years

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-034 | Student Records, Personal and Non-District Created

Description:  The records required or presented to the school district while the student is enrolled and those not created by the school district; including birth certification, immunizations, medical, legal, and optional testing records (ACT, SAT, etc.).

Retention:  Retain 1 year after given to student/parent at graduation or at time of withdrawal or 1 year after student leaves school district.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-051 | Student Records, Special Education

Description:  This schedule contains individual student records for the special education program and occupational and physical therapy programs.

Retention:  Retain until age 22 and notification of parents.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-036 | Student Remediation Files

Description:  The records document assistance, instruction, and remediation provided to students who fail to pass the high school graduation exam.

Retention:  4 years after graduation or last attempt to complete

Updated:  April 27, 2023

LG-06-005 | Student Requests for Early Release from School

Description:  Requests for early release from school for appointments, work, or travel purposes.

Retention:  Retain until end of school year.

Updated:  April 27, 2023

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