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Natural Resources, Department of, Environmental Protection Division

Total entries: 111   (Listed alphabetically by title)

0462-0057 | Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program - Reporting - Contractor Oversight Documents

Description:  May include Audits on Georgia Clean Air Force (GCAF) Tasks such as Extension/Exemption/Waiver Audits, Portal Checks, Website Reviews, GCAF auditors; and progress reports.

Retention:  Term of contract

0462-0028 | Volatile Organic Compounds, Synthetic Organic Compounds, Inorganic Compounds, Radiological, Lead and

Description:  Includes date and place of sampling, date and results of analyses.

Retention:  12 years

0462-0022 | Vulnerability Assessment Files

Description:  Includes vulnerability assessment and wellhead protection plans.

Retention:  Permanent

1979-069 | Water Plant Reports

Description:  Documents relating to the operation of ground and surface water plants.

Retention:  1 years

1981-052 | Water Quality Analysis Laboratory Report Forms

Description:  Documents relating to the receipt and analysis of water and wastewater samples.

Retention:  10 years

1981-054 | Water Quality Analysis Laboratory Report Reference Files

Description:  Copies of laboratory control forms maintained for reference purposes while the originals are in process.

Retention:  1 year

1981-053 | Water Quality Analysis Laboratory Workbooks

Description:  Information documenting raw lab data used in completing water quality analysis reports.

Retention:  10 years

1974-0288A | Water Quality Data and Technical Reports

Description:  Reports and publications documenting the results of water quality control investigations conducted by the Environmental Protection Division.

Retention:  Permanent

1984-052 | Water Quality Facility Inspection Case Files

Description:  Records documenting the inspection of facilities to ensure compliance with state and federal law, and departmental regulations.

Retention:  7 years

1974-033 | Water Source Map Files

Description:  Documents relating to the location of public water sources and water distribution points in each county.

Retention:  Retain for useful life

1981-0405 | Water Supply Laboratory Report File Copy Books

Description:  File copies of lab reports containing the source name and address; and, date sample collected, examined, and reported.

Retention:  5 years

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